Your Advantage when Being a Bookie

The online sports-bookie has never had a bigger advantage than now. The world has gone mad with sports gambling, especially in light of the fact that sports gambling Is now legal in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States opened up an entire new world to both the bookie and the gambler. If you have ever been a sports gambler (you probably have, most bookies are former gamblers) then you know what an exciting new world now rests’ at the gamblers fingertips. If you have been a bookie for a while, then you know exactly how important this ruling is to you. It means everything to not worry about “big brother”, it’s the bookies true advantage.

The Biggest Advantage

► You control the numbers. The lines and odds are controlled by you the bookie. You are the bookmaker and this sportsbook is yours. Know your limits, know your lines and odds and set them accordingly and according to each sport.

► The player must beat you 52-54 % of the time just to beat the juice. The house certainly doesn’t always win but it takes a very knowledgeable player to make much of a profit.

*Remember This

► There is such a thing as a “smart player”. The smart player is the one that studies players, trends, games, and events. They know practically everything there is to know when it comes to betting on sports or one sport in particular. These kinds of players can burn you in a hurry. You must establish rules with players when they make their first deposit. You must maintain the advantage and keep the advantage.

► Know your sports—Without knowing the sports, as a bookie, you are dead in the water. At least hire someone that does know their sports. You must have a working knowledge of the sports that you are offering to bet on. Without that knowledge, how do you set the lines and odds?

Finding the Real Advantage

You must find a way to beat the players that play with you and in order to do that you must be good with betting lines and odds, but you don’t have to be. There is a sure-fire way around this problem and it’s by using a pay per head. The pay per head advantage is a miracle for bookies that are tired of losing to sharp players.

►The pay per head gurus have been in the gaming business for a very long time and they know what they are doing. You can trust them to set the best           lines and odds for every daily event. You need them too. As a bookie, you have no time for setting all of the lines on the events you want to offer, it’s practically impossible.

►The even better advantage is the fact that a pay per head does all of the accounting, and all of the event grading for you. You no longer have to put up with grading bet slips or not knowing where your money is         Now you can read a daily, or up to the minute report on everything about your business.

If you are tired of going this bookie thing alone, we get it. Bookies can have a fun life, or they can have a miserable life. The choice is yours. The great thing about a pay per head is the cost, they cost very little—usually around $10 per head per week and that’s if your player plays. You never get charged for a player that doesn’t play. If they are playing, then they are easily covering the one-time fee per week, for that player. It really is time to take advantage of what a pay per head provider offers. Take it from experienced gamers, and folks that have been bookies; they know what your clients wants, and they know how to keep them coming back for more. Better yet, they know what you want.


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