Where to Find Free Picks

As the sports betting industry sees explosive growth, bettors are eagerly searching for information to give them an edge, including free picks. Prediction services abound that provide expert picks based on extensive research.

These services generally come along with a subscription fee and are justified if they bear positive results.

There are many sources that give expert picks for free, including sports network sites and various free blogs. A lot of them will also have a full menu of scores and odds. While these sites may have sound information, they are more for entertainment than serious wagering purposes.

Many betting sites also have great expert picks available for a subscription fee. In addition, however, they provide many free picks from people that know what they’re doing. Actionnetwork.com and Askthebookie.com are two of the best.

Free and Premium Picks From Action Sports Picks

ActionSportsPicks.com is a full-service betting site, providing free and premium picks. There you will find sports picks for a wide range of betting markets. Some betting markets include, but not limited to the NFL, NCAAB, NCAAF and much more.

Get on the right side of the action

They don’t shove sportsbooks down your throat. ASP doesn’t have banners and other advertising material all over the screen. Action Sports Picks are 100% transparent, showing how their cappers are doing in each individual sport.

The best part of Action Sports Picks is you can pay for single game picks or you can pay for subscriptions for individual handicappers. You will also find links to other sites connected within their network.

Ask The Bookie

AskTheBookie.com is a betting information and services site that is very beneficial for those in the wagering industry. They have free sports picks, sportsbook reviews, price per head services, and industry news.

The site makes it very easy to find free picks with just one click away from their landing page. The Free Sports Picks page includes five to 10 featured picks with detailed analysis of the matchup.

The featured picks are from a variety of sports, including college basketball, the NFL and UFC. The impressive aspect of the site is the extensive commentary about the game or event. Even if the bettor disagrees with the pick, there is at least a lot of statistical information provided.

Ask the Bookie also has a tab that allows sports betting handicappers to promote their services. Many of these providers offer free picks on their sites as well. This handicapping clearinghouse serves as a great source of information for potential bettors.


Free Picks vs. Subscriptions

With all of the free picks available, one might be asking why they should bother with a paid subscription. Many bettors might not need one, but those that are serious about wagering may want to consider it.

It takes a lot of time and research to evaluate betting lines on short notice. Those that are doing it for a living and charging for it need to be accurate over time.

At least there are quality, free options available as an alternative.