When did bookmaking get so labor intensive

When did bookmaking get so labor intensive? The pursuit of profit from fielding wagers was enjoyable. We had even had time to spend our earnings. Now sports wagering is exploding. Our customers are demanding to place bets on events from every corner of the globe. Changing lines, a constant stream of phone calls, and new customers bury us in a mountain of paperwork. The path to regain your lost time and expand your handle and client base is by having Real Bookie is your corner.

Since 2006, the preeminent per head software solution company has transformed our art into an automatic and seamless science. A clear and crisp graphical interface allows every aspect of customer wagering to be done by the Internet in the comfort of their homes. You establish how much they are to have to wager with, the limits that they can bet with, and when that face to face should take place. No more garbled text messages trying to decipher the amount or even what they wanted to bet on. Phone bets fielded by you at 3 AM are a thing of the past. You know have not only the software but the trained customer support to handle your clients questions every day at any moment.

Expanded Handle with a Free Trial for Four Weeks

The perks of utilizing Realbookies.com comes in the form of a free racebook, virtual, and live casinos for your customers to experience. Proven long term money making ventures court those customers that want to just be entertained for their funds. Now you can set all of this up before football season and get four weeks of their service for free. A proven money making system in place running on all cylinders for that upcoming initial kickoff of the season.

Set up is a snap

Up and running is a snap. How you fund your account is straight forward. Call 1-800-949-6285 so that you can send an initial deposit via MoneyGram or Western Union. This will then only be used when your active customers place a wager. If they do so in the period of a week, a small maintenance fee of $10 is charged so that they may have all the services they come to expect from a state of the art Internet wagering presence. With all the additional options you now offer, your booming business will dwarf this tiny investment in your future.

So what are you waiting for? I was tired of constantly checking sources for line movements so that my customers did not hit me with my stale line. Creating reports is a thing of the past because I can access them online with a click of the button. Now I only have to implement major decisions like what to assign in betting minimums and maximums to my varied clientele. The freed time can go both back into getting more customers and still having time to enjoy my earnings. A small investment blossomed into an umpteen return with Realbookies in my corner. Call them at 1-800-949-6285 to start your bright new future today.