What Makes a Top Online Sportsbook?

Online sports betting is and will continue to be one of the biggest growth stories of our time. Are they legal, are they illegal, where can I bet, will I go to jail if I do? There are many questions to ask, including, what makes a top online sportsbook?

There are a lot of sportsbooks operating online. Some have been doing so for many years, and others are brand new. Are there really any differences, and does it matter where you place a bet?


Different Classifications of Sportsbooks

For bettors in the United States, there are two different types of online sportsbooks available for betting. Both are legal, and placing a wager on either type will not land you in jail unless you somehow misrepresent from where you are betting.

The first type of online sportsbook is one that is operated outside the United States. There are no federal regulations for these sites, and they accept wagers from anyone. Many of these sites have operated with great reputations for up to 20 years.

The fastest-growing segment is the one that is being implemented with the advent of legalized sports betting. As states approve the practice, they are approving many sites per jurisdiction for operation. These sites have to abide by the legislative guidelines put forth by the states.

For the state-approved sites, legal online wagers can only be made from within the state. The sites use geolocation technology to ensure that these requirements are met. In many cases, there is integration between physical casinos and online sites.

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What Makes a Top Online Sportsbook?

As a smarter bettor, there are several things that differentiate online casinos from each other. The most important thing that makes a top online sportsbook is a broad choice of betting options. Whether that’s more sports or wagering types, it’s great to see a lot of different ways to bet.

Another feature is being able to quickly find bets on the homepage of the site. Having all of the sports listed and the events available within a click or two is essential. It makes betting easy and less confusing than having to navigate through multiple pages.

The safety of a deposit is a critical component of betting online. If a bettor ends up winning a big wager, they need to know that they’ll be able to collect their winnings. Timely and responsible processing of withdrawals is very important. Otherwise, why bet at all?

Another feature that makes an online sportsbook topline is an affiliation with and integration with a physical casino. In some states, this feature isn’t part of the regulations, but in many, it is. In Pennsylvania, for instance, it’s possible to bet online and receive payments at a casino.

Where to Bet

Depending on someone’s location, they may have more options for online betting than in others. The advantage of the offshore sportsbooks is that they are widely accessible. The disadvantage is that there are not any regulations on how they handle certain aspects of their business.

There are some restrictions that come with state-approved online sites. However, great brands with casino operator relationships have entered the market with some terrific offerings. The states ensure that bets are paid off and make it easy to do so.