Using a Bookie Software Directory

Find the best pay per head service with a bookie software directory.

What is Bookie Software?

The demand for private sports bookmaking services continues to increase. With more and more sports fans looking to wager on their favorite teams, the betting industry is exploding.

The pay per head bookie industry was formed close to three decades ago. With the sole purpose of helping private bookie agents run and manage a successful online business.

Over all those years, the best pay per head sites in the industry have created a comprehensive collection of gaming software products. They are turnkey in their application, ready for you today. The average cost of a top-rated PPH service is around $10 weekly per active player.

These plans provide everything you need to fully automate that business while also operating it online.

Find a PPH Service With a Bookie Software Directory

Working with a PPH site based in Costa Rica, you will have the ability to move your bookie business offshore. This is the only way to protect the financial interests of that business while also safeguarding any sensitive data connected to your player’s online gaming activity.

Given the highly complex nature of today’s online sports betting industry, it is more than apparent that you cannot go it alone. We will help you pick the best pay per head provider.

Working closely with the right PPH service, you will give yourself the best chance at reaching the financial goals you have set for yourself. Working with the “best of the best” in the pay per head industry is important. It will give you a very good chance to actually exceed those set goals.

You Get What You Pay For

Finding the right pay per head bookie services provider is probably the biggest business decision you will have to make as a private bookie agent. The wrong service will cost you money in the long run while also stunting your overall business growth.

Going with a service that does not offer affordable bookie solutions becomes a direct cost that comes right off your bottom line. A bookie makes money on the net hold made on the betting handle.

Handle refers to total betting volume over a certain timeframe such as a week or month. The hold on that handle is the difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money collected on losing bets plus the commission or juice charged to book that bet.

Since the standard industry juice is 10%, an ideal hold on your betting handle would mirror that figure. By keeping tight control on your weekly per head fees, you can enhance the net profit you take in.

You will see an increase in your bottomline with expanded online gaming options.

Check Out Our Bookie Software Directory

The search process for the right bookie services site should start with a qualified online bookie software directory. A good example of this key industry resource would be here at

We are owned and operated by sports betting professionals that also have a strong background in bookie gaming software solutions.

Through the use of comprehensive and unbiased pay per head site reviews, an online bookie software directory does all the heavy lifting so you do not have to. These reviews will also detail everything that is included in your weekly PPH plan. This ensures that you will have a solid handle on one of your biggest costs of doing business.

Fortunately in today’s highly competitive bookie services industry, there are some excellent sites to choose from. The most reputable PPH services will offer an extended free trial of everything they have to offer. For no upfront cost and no further financial obligation, you can take your PPH plan for a thorough test drive to ensure a proper fit.