Understanding the Technical Aspects of Pay Per Head

If you’re going to be a successful bookie, knowing the technical aspects of pay per head are a must. The majority of today’s private bookmakers understand the role that pay per head sites play in the overall sports betting industry.

The biggest commercial sportsbooks have invested heavily in the operating systems that are designed to power their online and mobile betting platforms.

Technical Aspects of Pay Per Head

Private bookmakers are looking to compete in the online sports betting industry. Most do not have the financial resources to create, develop and maintain their own online betting platform. This is where pay per head bookie services providers fill a huge need.

Some of the more established pay per head providers have strong ties to the offshore sportsbook industry.

Around the same time the first commercial books obtained the necessary technology and software solutions to expand online. These pay per head bookie services were developing similar technology. Their software solutions allowed private bookmakers to do the same thing.

Customer Base is the Biggest Difference

The biggest difference between the two is the intended audience. While offshore books based in Costa Rica targeted US players directly, PPH sites in that country targeted local bookies with a US customer base.

The two parties have coexisted side-by-side for more than two decades. Flash forward to today’s online sports betting industry and the competition has been dialed up to an all-time high. This due to the addition of US based online sportsbook operators.

Private bookies still have the over edge from an enhanced customer service standpoint. Commercial books cannot come close to matching the elevated level of service and personal attention to detail that private bookmakers can.

They have the help of a quality pay per head bookie services site.


Increase Profit with Technical Aspects of Pay Per Head

As a private bookie, there is no real need to understand how today’s advanced technology and sophisticated gaming software solutions work. Yet, it is important to understand how these products and services can work for you.

The first concept pay per head brings to your business is automation. You have access to an internal operating system that is both reliable and safe. The best pay per head sites will keep your bookie business up and running online on a consistent basis.

They will also process every daily online transaction in a safe and secure manner. This type of peace of mind is well worth the low, weekly per head fee paid for each of your active betting customers.

Complete Online Business

Along with fully automating your bookie business, you will also have the capability of operating that business online. Your online sportsbook business will be completely automated with a quality PPH service.

With risk management tools and a massive betting menu, your bookie business will meet and exceed your expectations.

This comes with a full suite of business software products that take all of the guesswork out of the daily, weekly and monthly decision making process.

Betting Board Building Tools

These tools let you build out a betting board that can meet and exceed each of your betting customer’s online sports betting needs.

Another set of sportsbook software tools work with real time betting data. They will help you manage that betting board while also managing your active players. Knowing the technology of the technical aspects of pay per head is necessary. They will take you to the next level.

Instant changes to betting lines can be made across the board. Know that any necessary adjustments to betting limits and credits can be made on an account by account basis. These are done through individual online player profiles.

One of the most important technological aspects of pay per head is the ability to move your entire bookie business offshore through your PPH site’s internal servers. This protects your individual business interests while also protecting any sensitive online data connected to your active betting base.