How to Pick the Best Offshore Sportsbook 

A betting-regulatory revolution is taking place in the U.S. With sports betting still working towards legalization, there is still a high demand for utilizing offshore sportsbooks. One of the longer-running sports betting options, offshore sportsbooks are not a new trend and were developed during the last two decades amid an international technological revolution. 

Change and innovation usually turn out positive results and offshore sportsbooks are no exception. For several years now, offshore betting sites have been gaining popularity throughout the betting world. These services have not only allowed international bettors to indulge in various gambling dynamics and games, but also have allowed the expansion and growth of the business model within the industry. 

For years, offshore betting sites have been gaining popularity around the world. Offshore sportsbooks helped to create the future of online betting by allowing anyone, anywhere, to place a wager in the early days of sports betting. 

Online sportsbooks have become a viable option for many sports fans. They provide a high-quality betting service that is reliable and can be trusted. These websites focus on the customer and offer excellent betting options. They also provide competitive lines that are often unavailable at other sportsbooks.

Best Offshore Sportsbooks for 2022

Home Americas Bookie

America’s Bookie Review

America’s Bookie Main Details: America’s Bookie has been online for over six years but this sportsbook hasn’t received nearly as much attention as they should. With the recent news that stopped taking new players from the US and with BetEd Sportsbook closing its doors it has become a lot harder to find a safe US friendly sportsbook. At America’s Bookie you will be able to bet on every major sport and you can also bet in the racebook and in the casino. A lot of the bettors that us


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What to Look For in Offshore Sportsbooks

There are a number of factors that, when put together, make one sportsbook more attractive than others. However, the absence of one of the characteristics doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy candidate. Whenever possible, test different sportsbooks before making a final decision to determine if they can offer what you expect to get out of your betting activity.

Be sure to check that the offshore sportsbook you choose adheres to the following criteria:

Fairness and Accuracy Across Presented Data, Offers, and Bets

One of the most important aspects that sportsbooks need to offer their clients is fairness across their platform services. This includes all game odds, team and professional league profiles, odds and money lines that reflect common market stands, and most importantly, that all bets are processed and considered fairly and accurately. 

Data and offers are available for sportsbooks to present to their users as part of their incentive to guide bettors throughout their experience. Misleading data should be considered a red flag. Make sure that all data is up to date with current sports seasons, leagues, numbers and stats. Make sure that odds and moneylines are comparable to other sportsbooks or take a minute to compare them to other international sportsbooks, as well as competitors.

Lastly, make sure that all bets are placed and processed accordingly. Any systematic errors need to be addressed immediately. If earnings are being collected and cashed in, verify that they are being calculated according to the conditions under which they were placed. 

An Overall Sense of Security

Offshore sites may generate a degree of questionable security and safety standards on behalf of users. Because site locations are outside the U.S., national and international bettors tend to doubt how safe it is to bet on these sites and whether there are applicable warnings that may apply. 

However, multiple tests on behalf of various sites have documented positive findings regarding all security standards followed by most offshore sportsbooks. It was concluded that some of these sites are safer than expected and hold high-security standards for both US and international bettors. This includes multiple degrees of security applications throughout their sites and auditing processes that have challenged these measures, but most have yet to identify the faults in their systems. 

Make sure you look for any information available on the site that proves if security checks have been recently performed. Also, validate that the overall feeling of the site is genuine with no multiple alterations to your browser configurations and inconsistent pop-ups that may link to suspicious sites

Bonuses and Promotions

Most offshore sportsbooks are well known for their initial sign-up bonuses. These offers are usually issued to attract new bettors to the site and apply to specific sporting events and dates. For instance, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas tend to be good times to look for multiple promotions that may apply. 

There are several types of bonuses that are frequently used:

  • Sign Up Bonuses: Bonuses for registering with the sportsbook
  • Match Bonuses: Bonuses that match the amount of a wager on a particular event
  • Deposit Bonuses: Bonuses given based on the amount of an initial deposit
  • Free Bet Bonuses: Also known as risk-free bonuses, they refund the amount of the bet if it loses
  • Reload Bonuses: Bonuses occasionally offered on deposits following the first deposit
  • No Deposit Bonuses: Bonuses offered for signing up with the sportsbook

In addition to sign-up bonuses, offshore sportsbooks tend to release different promotions to keep their users active and connected to their gambling. Before signing up on the first site you encounter, make sure to check out a few others and find out which offers the best promotions and add-ons. Sportsbooks have a continuous practice of promoting different deals and variants, so make sure these are the best. 

It’s also a good idea to check sites with user reviews that may indicate the frequency and overall value of promotions released by the site. Make sure you look out for these insights that might just give you an edge when determining which offshore sportsbooks to use. 

Overall Sports Varieties and Betting Options

Make sure that the offshore sportsbook you opt for provides you with the opportunity to wager on your favorite sports, leagues, and specific sporting events. 

Most offshore sportsbooks have a wide range of options when it comes to sports, teams, and leagues. Make sure that your favorite disciplines are being contemplated within the range. In addition to sports, verify that the site offers a decent range of betting options. 

Most sites will give bettors multiple options on how to wager their money and make the most of their betting experience. Validate that these options are provided and take full advantage of fully personalizing your betting experience. 

It’s All about the User Experience

Offshore sportsbooks are not just another viable option for users and sports fans. They are leading the list of sites with high-quality betting services by not only providing multiple advantages to users but also offering a safe and secure site for them to place their wagers. 

Most of these sites have focused just on that, providing the best possible experience to attract and retain clients. The bottom line is that offshore sportsbooks are a top alternative. Making a choice is mostly about doing enough research to identify which sites stand above others.