Top Notch Sports Bookie | What to Look For

Betting sports online is indeed a fun hobby and it’s a highly popular hobby. Worldwide, billions of dollars are spent every year on the NCAA Tournament alone, even more so than most of the other major sports combined. Baseball is thought of as the sharp player’s sports and football is the weekend or the sport for the novice. Basketball is its own animal entirely and how good the player is depends on how much time is devoted to handicapping. Handicapping is necessary in any sport unless you consider this gambling hobby nothing more than a good time and it matters not whether you win or lose. For most players this is not the case and for most, the bottom line is winning.

America’s Bookie is a world-class offshore sportsbook that offers the most contests with the best bonus structure in the online gaming industry. Offering a 100% free play bonus, bonus insurance and a sportsbook rewards program that lets you earn points to exchange for free payouts, merchandise and much more, there’s no wonder thousands of bettors are switching to America’s Bookie every month. has discovered how to retain sports betting clients, and that is by paying them! There is not aworse turnoff for any client, like not getting paid. 1 Vice Sportsbook pays the clients quickly and efficiently with person to person cash transfers and bank draft. Deposits have been master crafted in the same fashion.

5 Dimes is a company the believes in paying their clients on time and efficiently. They use person to person transfers by cash means and usually within 48 hours. They have built a stellar reputation for not only payouts but also the ease of deposits. Bitcoin, cash and credit cards are welcomed. 5 Dimes Review is the real deal when it comes to fast payouts, a state-of-the-art user interface, and a vast wagering menu. No matter how you like to bet or what you prefer to bet on has you covered. has been in business since 2012 and they continue to receive rave reviews for the quality of service, deposit methods, bonuses, and fair rollovers. We highly recommend for everyday betting and for the more serious gambler. HRWager Review

Bet33 are known for having the quickest payout turnaround in the industry, and do everything they can to not tarnish that reputation. Once a payout is requested, their accounting staff starts processing immediately, getting your money in your pocket fast. With various options for both sides of any transfer, you are sure to find one that suits you.

Money Gram, Western Union, bank draft, gift card and Bitcoin are just some of the options available at Bet33 to fund your sports betting account. With a commitment to offering the fastest payouts and best customer service, let Bet33 take the stress out of banking. Please visit their website today to see how you can avoid transfer fees.

Having a top of the line bookie will make a huge difference in your profits if you work it right. Many players look for reduced juice and the most competitive lines and odds in the business. However, there is a balance involved and you must be aware of what you are getting into before you make a deposit.

Rules to live by:
Never take for granted that a bookie is honest and has a great reputation for fast payouts. You could very well be wrong. Check out the online reviews and see who is recommended. Leave it to a professional opinion to help you make an informed decision.

This is a big issue in the online gaming world. Do they have software that protects your identity and do they themselves protect you? There are bookies online that do not care what they do with your information, stay away from these people.

Are they up and running when you need them to be or are they always having a technical problem? There is nothing worse than dialing up your bookie on game day only to realize the website is down. Make sure you find a bookie that has a very high percentage of uptime.

Customer Service:
Do they offer it? Are they honest, transparent and what about a toll free hotline from the United States? You must be able to call them and it should be for free

Payouts and the payout rules:
Make sure that you know the requirements for taking a payout and what documents they need from you before taking a payout. This one factor can make or break your experience with the sportsbook. You may swear by them or curse them!

Betting Options:
Do they offer all of the various ways to bet on sports? It seems like this would be a simple task but this is not always the case. Make sure before making a deposit that they offer the wagering types that you are most interested in.

Betting on sports is designed to be fun and it is fun if you have a top notch bookie that cares about you. Stop fooling around with the “big box stores”, nine out of tem times you will be sorry that you did. Always read the fine print and know what you are getting before depositing.

Player Bonuses:
Make sure that with any new wagering house, you can take advantage of a great bonus and get in the game. Nothing can be more fun than beating the big sportsbooks at their own game. Shop around for great prices, lines and odds. You shop around for golf clubs, or fishing equipment, why wouldn’t you want to get the best bang for the buck? Most of all, have fun this year and look for more friendly advice when it comes to laying a dollar or two.