Three Tips for Finding the Right Pay Per Head Site

Finding the right pay per head site is the best start for any current or aspiring bookie. Don’t overthink it, here are some tips to make the right decision.

1-Click Away – Right Pay Per Head Site

Most private bookies would agree on one thing. Trying to run and manage your own sports betting business without the help of a pay per head bookie software service is next to impossible.

You need the ability to fully automate your business with the latest technology. You also need to operate your business online through an advanced sports betting platform with mobile betting capabilities. The right pay per head site does this for you, TODAY!

A massive trend currently in the betting industry are props. You can boost prop betting profit with PPH bookie services.

Given the increased demand for private bookies these days. There is a major glut of pay per head providers in the marketplace. Since these sites are definitely not created equal, it becomes extremely important to perform your own due diligence.

We’ll Do Your Homework

When it comes to finding the right pay per head site for your particular business needs. We’ll do some homework for you.

Fortunately, industry resource sites such as is a great starting point to begin your search.

The first tip to finding the right PPH site is to gain a good understanding of each one’s background in the industry. The best bookie software providers are based in Costa Rica. As it’s the center of the universe for pay per head providers.

Some of these sites originated in the mid-1990’s when the first offshore sportsbooks started offering sports betting online. They developed the proper software solutions that gave private bookies the same opportunity.

The Right Pay Per Head Site

Over the years, the right pay per head site will have made heavy investments. Both on their internal operating system as well as their gaming software solutions.

This starts with sports betting but it also includes solutions for betting on horses and playing online casino games. These added options give you the chance to turn your bookie business into a full service online gaming site. These options make you look bigger than you actually are.

The next tip to finding the right PPH service is to focus your attention on value-added benefits. If you are only focusing on the cost of the plan, you will be missing the big picture.

Affordable, Premium Services

Given just how competitive this industry has become, you can work with the best in the business at a low, affordable per head rate. Many of the highest rated PPH sites offer weekly rates as low as $7 per active betting customer.

In return, you will have easy access to a comprehensive suite of gaming software solutions that are turnkey to implement. Your bookie business can be up and running online the same day you first sign on.

These top-rated PPH services also offer an extended free trial as a special promotional offer.

No Obligation, Free Trial

With no upfront cost and no further financial obligation, you will have the ability to thoroughly test drive everything that PPH site has to offer. This is the best way to confirm your decision to sign on in the first place.

The final tip for finding the right pay per head is to gauge the level of in-house business support backing up your weekly plan. Once again, the best sites in the bookie services industry offer a high level of support. Covering a number of different aspects of your business.

This starts with a dedicated account manager that can walk you through the entire process to go online. Whether you are just starting out with a few active customers or already running a full-scale operation.

It has never been easier to run and manage your own bookmaking  business with the right PPH service by your side.