The Top Online Bookies Gear Up for the 2018 NCAA Tournament

Championship Week in college basketball is just the beginning of a month-long extravaganza of
betting opportunities for March Madness at the top online sports bookies taking action on the
games. Following non-stop action during the conference tournaments, the books are just setting the stage for the start of the NCAA Tournament on March 13-14 with the initial First Four Round.

The remaining 64 teams across four regions begin their quest for a national title over the course of four days and a total of 48 games to pare the field down to the Sweet 16. This is when the madness of March is at its highest and it is also the best time of the tournament to try and cash in on some winning tickets at your favorite online bookmaker.

Sports Betting – Making the Most of being a Private Bookie

There is no secret formula to picking
upsets in the NCAA Tournament, but every year there will be a few teams that stun a higher seed  as an underdog. The trick is to rely on your past handicapping efforts to find a handful of teams that have the potential to make a deep run as a lower seed.

Setting the field for this tournament is anything but perfect. Setting the betting lines for the first
two waves of games on Thursday and Friday of the opening round is also a tough task given
that most of the matchups are between teams that have never faced one another in the past.
You are bound to find some soft lines out there, especially if you are open to shopping them
across several of the top online books. The quick turnaround for setting the lines for the
weekend games in the second round also has the potential to create a slight edge for bettors in
a few of the matchups.

Along with all the college basketball betting action on the board for the individual games, there
is also some great betting value in the futures odds and props that many of the top books post
for the Big Dance. If you think that Duke is going to win it all this year, now is the time to bet the
Blue Devils since their odds will only go down with each tournament win. You should avoid
getting too carried away with betting on teams with longer odds to win a national title. Try and
find one or two legitimate contenders that have what it takes to win their next six games and
place a small bet on their odds to get it done.

Picking individual region winners when it comes to futures bets is a good way to add more
action to this tournament. Betting on favorite to reach the Final Four may not have as good as a
return. However, it is far easier to cash in on that ticket than it is on one to win it all.

Prop bet opportunities will increase as the tournament wears on and this can be another good
way to supplement your betting activity. Certain online sportsbooks have gained a reputation for
loading up their betting board with a wide array of prop betting opportunities for every major
sporting event. You need to be vigilant in checking the board at any book you do business with
on a regular basis to find the best value in the posted prop bet opportunities.

If you are a sports bettor that is always on the lookout for bonus offers, special promotions and
incentives, then March Madness fits the bill. Most of the top online bookmakers have upped the
ante for this month when it comes to attracting sports bettors to their sites with some lucrative
offers over the next few weeks.