Targeted Use of Social Media to Build Your Private Bookie Business

Anyone trying to sell a product or service online is familiar with the concept of using various forms of social media as part of their overall marketing campaign. The explosion in popularity of the Internet sports betting industry over the past several years is a perfect example of why any independent sports bookmaker can successfully run and manage a sportsbook with the help of a professional online presence.

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A personally customized website is a good start, but to really grow and expand your bookie business to the point where it can remain financially viable on a year-round basis for years and years to come, you need a number of online marketing tools at your disposal. One of the tools at the top of this list is social media that is designed to reach the proper target. General applications such as Facebook can serve a purpose as a private bookie, but building up your Twitter feed is probably a more targeted and effective way to reach the online sports betting audience you are looking to attract to your bookie services.

The biggest competition that you face in this industry rarely comes from another private bookie given that the majority of the sports bets placed these days are done online as opposed to the old days when the local sports bar, pool hall or other common local hangouts would be the best place to try and attract sports bettors to your bookie service. You are really competing against the big offshore sports bookies operating online. They will go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their million dollar websites through the targeted use of various forms of social media. While you cannot compete with these big books on a level playing field when it comes to overall financial resources they have at their disposal, you can offer a much higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that they simply cannot match.

This added level service is the main selling point of any private bookie and when you add in the tremendous marketing power of online social media outlets, you can easily put together a comprehensive plan to get the word out for what you can bring to the table for today’s Internet-savvy sports bettor.

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One of the best things about being an independent sports bookmaker is the simple fact that you can pick and choose which sports betting customers that you want to do business with. You have the ability to weed out the sharps or other betting syndicates that could spell trouble somewhere down the road. You are looking for the avid recreational sports bettor that is looking for action all year long.

Email blasts to targeted player lists whether they are using your bookie service or not is one of the most basic forms of social media. You will always want to build your lists with addresses that are open to receiving emails from pay per head your bookie service. If someone decides to opt out of your email blasts then they probably were not a proper target in the first place. You want an email list filled with interested parties that are open to any marketing campaign you have put
together. You should never assume that a current betting customer will remain loyal for life, but you should never rule out someone that is currently booking their action at a different betting outlet.

Another important aspect of any social media campaign you start it to make it creative and entertaining. People are constantly bombarded with any and all type of online marketing messages on a daily basis, so you need to avoid becoming just another face in the crowd. If something works, then work on expanding the message. If something fails, drop it and move on. Change is constant when it comes to social media and you always want to be way ahead of the curve when using it to market your bookie business.