Switch Your PPH Service Today – RDG Corp Makes It Easy

It’s time to switch your PPH service today! One of the most basic keys to your success as a bookie is the pay per head bookie software that you use. Having the right service can make or break any bookie’s business.

If your current PPH software provider just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to start thinking about making the switch. When it’s time to pull the trigger, make the move to the industry leader RDG Corp. They make switching your Pay Per Head service very easy.


Why Switch to RDG?

When you are searching for a pay per head service, you are going to look for those that have experience in the industry and those that have carved out a name for themselves. That is RDG Corp.

Since the very beginnings of the pay per head movement, RDG Corp has been there. The company’s history dates back to 1996 and its mission has always been simple: provide the safest, most reliable pay per head software at the best prices in the online sports betting industry.

That is exactly what RDG Corp has done and will continue to do. That is also the reason why it makes sense for bookies on the hunt for a new PPH service to switch now.

Safety & Security

Because RDG Corp was around at the very beginning of the pay per head movement, the company has always been on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Most bookies are not website experts, so you have to trust someone. Why not trust the best in the business for all your software, technology, and security needs?

Bookies can benefit from continuous upgrades in security as well as updates to the PPH bookie software. All transactions and wagers are backed up on a daily basis giving you, the bookie, the peace of mind knowing your business is protected.

Switch Your PPH Service – Features You Need

One of the greatest features of RDG Corp’s pay per head software is the Auto Line Mover. This technology offers faster line updates. You and your customers benefit by getting ahead of any big line moves. This also ensures that your lines are sharp, which will keep customers coming back to you in the future.

There are also numerous methods of deposit and withdrawal. Players can take comfort in knowing that all their deposits and withdrawals – which can be made in Bitcoin too – are safe, secure, and anonymous.

Packages for All

No matter the size of your current operation, RDG Corp has a package to fit your needs. A1 Price Per Head is a low cost, high quality service that includes sportsbook, facebook, and casino. It’s a great solution for bookies with a smaller operation and whose players are focused on more traditional betting options.

247 Pay Per Head is a premium pay per head service that offers the bookie an all-in-one service. The software drives a complete betting system offering live betting, thousands of prop bets, and much more.

RDG Corp can also design a custom solution for those who want to pick and choose their options and features. Whatever the need may be, RDG Corp can design something that offers efficiency and is cost effective for any bookie looking for a simpler, better solution. There truly is no better time to switch your PPH service.

24/7 Service Required When You Switch Your PPH Service

There may be no greater benefit in working with RDG Corp than the 24/7 customer service that is provided. Bookies and their customers can reach a customer service agent any time of day, any day of the week, on all 365 days of the year. 

No matter what the question or issue might be, bookies or bettors can get an answer as fast as they can call, text, email, or chat with a customer service agent. The agents are experienced professionals and understand not only all things sports betting, but they are also able to handle technology issues as well.

The result, of course, is that you, the bookie, will find it much easier to run your sportsbook. With RDG Corp behind the scenes, you can focus on building your customer base which will ultimately lead to an increase in your bottom line.

If your pay per head service isn’t helping you grow, do yourself a favor and switch to the PPH provider that will. Switch to RDG Corp today.