Stick to the Basics When Choosing a Pay Per Head Site

It’s best to stick to the basics when looking for a sportsbook software service.

Choosing Your Pay Per Head Site

The only way to run and manage a viable sports bookie business these days is with the help of a qualified pay per head bookie solutions provider. The pay per head business model provides everything you need. They will help you to automate your business. All while operating it online. 

In return, you simply pay a low, weekly fee covering each of your active betting customers.

Given the vitally important role that a PPH service plays in the daily operation of your bookie business. Finding the right pay per head site from the start will be the most important decision you will ever have to make.

Always Stick to the Basics

The best way to go about this search is by sticking to the basics. Every pay per head site can properly evaluated using the following four parameters:

  • Industry Experience & Expertise
  • Pay Per Head Weekly Plan Features & Benefits
  • In-House Business Support
  • Performance Guarantees

First off, your pay per head provider should have a proven track record in both the sports betting industry and in gaming software applications.

The products that make up any weekly pay per head plan have been built and designed around advanced technology. This technology is in turn backed by sophisticated gaming software solution companies.

Hey current bookie!? Are you making the most of your PPH site?

Betting Industry Pioneers

PPH services with extensive experience have grown up with the online sports betting industry. They have created their own proprietary gaming software products that have evolved over time. Through their own in-house team of IT gaming professionals. A system for continual improvement has been put into place.

Just about every PPH site will advertise a long list of features and benefits offered.

You need to dig deeper into the actual value that each of these features add to your bottom line as a bona fide benefit. If a feature does not add value. It can be heavily discounted as a genuine benefit.

No added cost for live in-game betting is a perfect example of a feature with a huge benefit to your bottom line.

Never underestimate the importance of professional in-house business support. When you are trying to be successful in a very competitive business environment, every edge you can find is vital to the overall effort. You need a pay per head site that is responsive to your business needs.

Dedicated Account Manager Will Help Stick to the Basics

This starts with a dedicated account manager that can get your business up and running online in the right direction.

You need easy access to in-house sports betting experts. They can ensure that your betting board is on par with even the biggest commercial sportsbook operators. Not only do you need to meet the needs of your entire customer base. It always helps to exceed them with added sports leagues coupled with additional sports betting markets.

Round the clock customer service is vital for yourself as a bookie agent and for each of your active betting customers. The in-house customer service team at your PPH service must be knowledgeable, friendly and attentive to any questions or concerns that may arise.

Finally, your pay per head site should be able to provide performance guarantees. That is why the best bookie sites in the business are more than happy to provide an extended free trial of all the products and services offered.

There should be no upfront cost attached to this free trial run and no further obligation beyond the stated length. By taking everything offered for a thorough test drive, you will feel much more secure in your decision to sign on.