Start a Sportsbook Today

You can start a sportsbook today!

Key Points

– Starting a sportsbook is easier than you think.

Pay per head services have been around for quite a while and offer bookies the opportunity to automate their sportsbook operation.

Sports betting has been something you have done almost your entire life. You love the thrill of the big wins and maybe you even win more than you lose. 

You love it so much that you have considered running your own sportsbook. These days with modern technology, it is entirely possible.

Pay Per Head Makes It Easy

Coinciding with the technological innovations in the business world was the rise of software advancement in the sports betting industry. A number of competitors developed fully functional software that could run and maintain a complete sportsbook.

Economies of scale allowed this new software to be relatively inexpensive as well. The pay per head industry was born. They’ve made it VERY easy to start a sportsbook.

A pay per head, or PPH, service makes starting a sportsbook very easy. Those with little experience in sports betting but solid knowledge of how to run a business can be up and running in no time.

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How a PPH Works – You Can Start a Sportsbook

When you partner with a pay per head company, they provide software that essentially runs every aspect of your sportsbook. The is a full betting board with numerous markets, sharp lines, and odds, and much more.

When you start a sportsbook, your PPH service will essentially run it for you. All you have to do is build your clientele.

You are provided a professional website and/or mobile app for you and your customers. Your players can take care of all of their sports betting business via the website or mobile app. They can search the various markets for lines and odds. They can place bets, take care of all their financial transactions, and much more all from their mobile device.

With a PPH service essentially automating an operation, the bookie is free to work on expanding his business. He can recruit new players and come up with ways to incentivize current players to place bets more frequently.

Extras When You Start a Sportsbook

Bookies looking for a pay per head service should note that the market is extremely competitive these days. Most every PPH provider worth anything will offer a bookie access to a number of other services as well.

A quality pay per head will allow access to casino betting, racebook, live betting, and much more. With such a huge market out there, it is imperative that sportsbook owners cater to as many potential customers as possible. 

The addition of casino games, poker, live bets on sporting events, and the opportunity to bet on horses is something that can attract new customers and add to a bookie’s bottom line.

Find the Best Fit

Since it is a competitive market, there are plenty of outstanding pay per head companies out there. There are also plenty of duds. You need to choose the right one when you decide to start a sportsbook.

Do your homework if you are planning on partnering with a PPH to start your own sportsbook. Make a list of items you must have as well as any that are deal breakers. These might be things like accepting cryptocurrency or PayPal or even something like offering bets in a certain market.

Read reviews of your potential picks and then keep in mind that many pay per head services offer some sort of free trial so you can actually test out the product. Once you find a quality PPH, you are ready to put your sportsbook on the map!