Reviewing Best Bets for Progress as a Sports Handicapper

One of the best ways to make progress as a sports handicapper is by Reviewing Best Bets.  Great to see one and all on this Labor Day.  Today, we are looking at the growth one can make as a bettor.  Not the bottom line but in making better decisions. Now history can not be relived but we can learn from those instances we nailed on the head or got horribly wrong.  We will do this by looking at my pattern of thoughts and how I can improve going forward from Week One of the 2016 College football season.

Reviewing Best Bets : Facing Your Losses 

Easy to revel in the circumstances where you got it right.  We are conditioned to be results orientated in life and as such winners make the day much brighter.  So I got Houston covering the spread correct and raked in the money.  How about my losses?  This is where you can really see not only improvement but shore up the leaks in your wagering plans.  For example, I took Hawaii plus the 40 1/2 points on the notion that Jim Harbaugh is old school.  His coach Bo would have hardly ever run up the score.  Alas, he is his own man and in modern times.  He had no compulsion from spanking them 63-3.  Easy lesson learned but what about my other missteps.

Infatuation with Programs and Leagues

The near past clouds my judgment and causes me to be lazy.  This is hard to say.  I take shortcuts and boy did it cost me on Monday Night.  FSU won 45-34 and covered the spread against Ole Miss.  Seminoles did so despite a horrid 2nd quarter. My reasoning for this game is that here is basically the same team that beat the Crimson Tide each of the last two years.  Bama wins national championship and demolishes USC.  SEC at the top is still an elite conference.  Stopped right there.  Now whether I could see anything else is not the question.  That I did not look is the issue at hand.  Hard to lose a wagering unit because I was just anxious on this “sure” thing.

That is why with NFL Schedule Week 1 and other quality websites, I spend more time on them now.  Going to valuable sites for information about the sports I bet can rarely be a time waster.  Some people suffer from indecision but I wager to say that more of use could use a little less impulse in our life.  DO a little bit more work and reap the rewards at Americas Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Bookie Star.