Profit on 2016 College Football : Big Ten

Not only betting but to profit on 2016 College Football is the goal of many fans all over the United States.  Welcome back everyone to Bookiestar.  Today, the Big Ten is set firmly in our sights.  A Power Five Conference with not only intrigue but some very polarizing situations.  Non conference games are the main vulnerability of the top teams in this conference in terms of a historical perspective. We will examine some of the top teams and when to ride them all throughout the season for the betterment of our bankrolls.

Profit on 2016 College Football : Harbaugh’s Time?!

How do we tell a program is all about the headlines or the progress they have made?  Michigan surged last year to a double digit win total culminating in a bowl win.  Since then, coach Jim Harbaugh has shown his social media talents by using it to his full advantage.  In the course of one year, he has convinced incoming freshman that the Wolverines are one of the places to be if you want to go to the pros.  How are they best doing this?  The offensive line is the cream of the crop in the Big Ten.  Imitation is the best form of flattery as they are trying to emulate the Crimson Tide’s long lasting advantage.  Look for them to be solid bets in ML situations but can not cover spreads like 40 points against Hawaii.

A Weak West

Iowa is going to be hard pressed to duplicate their success last year.  They do have to thank the schedule makers as they have the following rivals all at home.

  • Northwestern
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska

With no Ohio State, they have the perfect storm but are not going to get a sniff at this.  Truth be told, the west is fodder for the stacked east.  Ohio State, Michigan, and yes still the Spartans of Michigan State are much better than any team our of the West.  Inter divisional matchups feature those three teams should sweep aside anything that the Big Ten West has to offer.

This is how one would break down most any conference.  Find one that you like or has a geographic appeal to you.  Look at the games and lines each week at Americas Bookie.  Specialized knowledge of your favorite conference can pay off big time.  Why?  Because the linesmakers have to put out prices and spreads on most every game.  Selective wagering gives you the advantage in college football.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at BookieStar.