Pay Per Head Offers Automated Player Settlement

Automated player settlement can take a lot of stress from your bookmaking business.

Automated Player Settlement

As a private bookie agent, you make most of your money on the hold percentage generated from the betting handle taken in. Your hold is the difference between the money you need to pay out on winning bets and the money you collect on losing bets. Plus the commission or juice charged to book those wagers, of course.

If you charge the industry standard 10% juice, a healthy hold would be anything higher than seven or eight percent. Some weeks will be lower when your players get hot and some weeks will be higher when the results fall in your favor.

The goal is to produce a steady hold greater than seven to eight percent over a longer period of time.


Pay Per Head Automated Reports

By working with a quality pay per head bookie software provider. You will have the ability to fully automate every aspect of your sports bookmaking business. You will also have access to everything you need to operate that business online.

There should be an extensive suite of business reports that can be run using real time data. By taking all the guesswork out of the decision making process. You will be able to take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time.

You will also be able to avoid unwanted issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.

Today’s best pay per head sites are working with proprietary bookie software solutions that have been specifically designed to run and manage businesses of this nature. Along with properly managing your sports betting board. The other important aspect of pay per head software is proper player management.

Automated Player Settlement Reports

Player position reports create a real time snapshot for each one of your active betting customers at any point in time. Pre-settlement summaries can be run at any time to paint the overall financial picture on an account by account basis.

Here is How Bookies Keep Control of Players

Settlement reports can be run daily, weekly and monthly depending on the time frame you choose to settle your accounts.

By turning the whole accounting cycle into an automated process, you will always stay way out in front of the action coming in. One of the keys to success as a private bookie is developing a high level of control over everything that is going on around you at all times.

Working with the right PPH service will help you make the best use of the time and effort you put into your bookie operation.

Make the Collection Process Easy

Automated player settlement reports also aid in the collection process. Everyone involved always knows exactly where they stand. By developing the highest level of accuracy possible for the entire betting cycle. You will be able to maximize the hold on the betting volume taken it.

Through the use of individual player account settings. You will be able to set and adjust any betting and credit limits you wish to have in place. Once again, the general idea of working with the right pay per head plan is to take all of the guesswork out of the day-to-day management end of the business.

Your active betting customers will come to appreciate the professional approach you take to running and managing your own private sports betting service. This is just one of the many added benefits provided by your chosen pay per head bookie solutions service.