How to Pick the Best Pay Per Head Provider

Many factors are at play when choosing a Pay Per Head (PPH) provider. This is especially true in today’s market. It isn’t always easy to choose the right provider for your betting business.

Most sportsbooks simply don’t have the time or patience to research the different providers available. They end up being associated with unreliable and poor providers.

Worse, unreliable providers can cause bookmakers to lose their money and even close to shutting down.

It is crucial to choose a high-quality PPH to establish a profitable gambling business. A high-quality PPH provider is also necessary if you want the best out of the growing betting industry.

Top Quality Price Per Head Providers in 2022

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Research is Key

If you are on the lookout for the ultimate PPH provider, opting for the right one can save you money and offer quality gaming services and sports betting. It should offer:

  • Professional live chat / direct client help 
  • Software that is minimal, smooth, intuitive and affordable
  • Betting and gambling services for users are fast, fair and easy-to-use

A good first step is to research PPH companies in the market. It is important to be familiar with the services and products they offer as well as their working methods.

You don’t have to spend hours searching the web for all the PPH companies. Rely on existing PPH reviews to narrow down the field. To create reviews, professional evaluators study the quality and service of PPH’s main products and services. These reviews can help you save time and make your decision faster.

Also, consider carefully evaluating at least three PPH companies. Many companies offer free trials that allow you to test their products and services without having to spend a dime. You can get a free trial to see if it suits you best.

Once you have decided which provider is right for you, sign up. The staff at the PPH will assist you in setting up your betting business. 

Don’t Skimp on Customer Service

When searching for the best PPH shops, their customer service is perhaps the most important thing to look at. When you go up on a high-quality PPH providers’ site as a client, you’ll typically be given two options to get the help you require, live chat and phone call.

As a client, you’re able to talk to a representative by phone. The best thing about this method is that you can talk 1v1 with a customer care expert. Although this can also be achieved via live chat, most people prefer the old-school real-talk over the phone so they can be direct and confident. 

This experience will be more effective when testing if the PPH shop is the best fit for you. If the representative is answering your questions with confidence and speed, then you’re probably dealing with a legitimate PPH shop. 

It’s recommended that you write your questions down beforehand to collect all the information you need. Also, don’t hesitate to write down the answers for future reference. We recommend that you repeat this process with multiple PPH providers and compare the collected information in order to make an informed decision. 

When looking for a PPH provider that is legitimate and high-quality, you must take a hard look at its sportsbook, especially the software features mentioned below:

  • User-friendly & positive reports
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Low cost / affordable

Another important thing to look for in its sportsbook software is if the PPH company has specific user-friendly reports with positive opinions about the users’ experiences. The reports should be very user-friendly, which means that a new user should not be required to learn extensively about the data management tool to utilize it. What you want is high-quality sportsbook software that you can take maximum advantage of and use as a professional right away. 

You want a healthy trial duration in which you can test the reports extensively according to your perspective of what’s important and what’s not. During this time, you can study every single report available and consider if the reports are offering you the kind of data management solution that’s needed. 

Pay Attention to Software Requirements

Some of the industry-leading sportsbook software that’s available is completely mobile. This means that you don’t need to download anything onto your device and all the relevant tools are fully available online. You will have the ability to run your gambling and wagering operations from anywhere, at any time, and from the device of your choice. 

This device can be a laptop, a cell phone, a tablet, or another smart device capable of browsing the internet. Even a combo of all these devices is possible. Because of your field of work, you are always moving and need to extensively direct your operations on the go. All you’ll need, with a PPH provider that has fully mobile software, is any commonly found smart device.

As a consumer, you want the PPH provider to be as low-cost and affordable as possible. On the other hand, as a bookmaker, you absolutely cannot compromise on the quality. Most agents are actually on the lookout for this exact winning formula. It is likely that if you are dealing with a quality and legit PPH shop, you can get the most bang for your buck. Gambling and betting services for consumers are fast, fair and user-friendly. 

When researching and choosing the best PPH provider, you want to regularly provide for your business, apart from offering top-notch services for bookmakers, quality services for the players. The aforementioned point references both a sports betting site and a call center. With the combination of these two tools, you can begin to offer high-quality services to both current and future clients. 

The same methods you used to test the sportsbook software should also be utilized to test the available solutions extensively before you sign a deal with a PPH provider. The most effective time to test them out is during your trial period. These solutions should be very user-friendly. This means that a new user should not need to extensively study and absorb the workings of the site before being able to make use of it. Instead, the users should be able to begin placing bets and kicking off their casino action immediately. 

Additionally, you want speed. The player should be able to perform all actions in the least number of steps. Lastly, also make sure that the PPH shop displays fairness in their services. 

You can also get your betting business up and running in minutes, thanks to the platforms and tools of the PPH companies.

Top key points to look while browsing for your new PPH provider

  1. Free daily reports, cash flow reports and automated daily cash balance. You know exactly where you are at with money. No more guessing and no more losing money.
  2.  Fantastic customer service which includes a toll free number from the United States.
  3.  A full sports book with all the major sports available, as well as every kind of wagering option that is popular in Las Vegas sports books and offshore books.
  4.  A full race book.
  5.  Great casino action with all the popular casino games.
  6. Accounting, the entire accounting process is done for you.
  7. Wagering, no more handwriting tickets, grading tickets or keeping up with rain outs, a push, or tickets with no action.
  8. Customer service, when your clients need to speak to an agent or even phone in a bet; they can do it. They can call a live agent and speak with them on the phone, in English.
  9.  Low cost, you do not have to be rich to work with a pay per head.