Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks – NFL Postseason

The NFL Postseason is upon us! It is the most exciting time of the year for both football fans and football bettors. The end of the NFL regular season opens the door to the postseason run to a Super Bowl title. Each conference starts with a seven-team field. However, only one will be holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy when the smoke finally clears.

The NFL Postseason Format

Under the current NFL format for postseason play, the No. 1 seed in both the AFC and the NFC earns an opening round bye.

The other three division title winners play host to the three wild card teams.

Actual game pairings are based on each team’s seed. For example, the No. 2 seed division winner in each conference will host the No. 7 seeded wild card team.

The winners of these first six playoff games advance to the Divisional Round.

The No. 1 seed, coming off a bye, will host the No. 4 team in reshuffled seedings. The four winners in the Divisional Round will then square off in their respective conference title game. These two championship showdowns will determine the ultimate matchup in the Super Bowl.

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Pay Per Head Betting Markets

Betting on the games offers a trio of choices.

First, if you happen to live near a land-based casino with a retail sportsbook, you can bet all the NFL games there. However, these are far and few between in the current marketplace.

The online sports betting industry is broken down into two main segments. The first is offshore global sportsbooks that are based in a particular country of origin. One of the most popular jurisdictions for offshore sportsbooks is Costa Rica. These sportsbooks are normally ran with the assistance of a quality pay per head provider.

The business-friendly regulatory climate in Costa Rica give offshore books the ultimate flexibility to enhance the entire online sports betting experience.

US Based Sportsbooks and the NFL Postseason

The other segment of the industry is comprised of US-based sportsbooks.

This segment has been operating for less than four years as opposed to multiple decades of experience many offshore books bring to the table.

US-based sportsbooks are regulated by each state they operate in. This can cause some inconsistencies in betting options, leagues and markets depending on each state’s rules and regulations.

The two biggest benefits of betting the NFL postseason at offshore books involve ease of use and competitive betting lines.

Offshore books do not have to use geo tracking to pinpoint the validity of your betting location. Whether you are in Florida on the East Coast or California way out on the West Coast, you will be able to easily access your online sports betting account at an offshore sportsbook.


Maximizing ROI With NFL Betting

Maximizing your return on investment betting NFL playoff games is all about timing. You need the ability to place your wagers when and how you want to lock in the best value.

Competitive betting lines is one of the biggest differences between offshore books and their US counterparts. Heavy marketing and TV ad campaigns coupled with high tax rates in certain states limit the competitiveness of US-based books that are pressed for profit.

A perfect example would be money line odds for the upcoming NFL playoff games. You might be able to get Kansas City as a -130 favorite at your favorite offshore book while the best odds at a US-based book might be -135 or even -140. Why pay more juice to make the exact same bet?