NHL Stanley Cup Futures

Summer has not taken the sizzle out of NHL Stanley Cup Futures.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking back in with BookieStar.  Even though a dome of heat has descended on many parts of the United States, what helps us keep our cool is the thought of sports investment profit.  One of the types of wagers that have immense returns on them for 2016 is selecting the NHL champion.  Come see the immense value the market has right now for this type of hockey wager.

NHL Stanley Cup Futures : Lack of Consensus

An online sportsbook has demonstrated their superiority over the local bookie in many ways.  One of them is by providing wagers of this nature.  Futures in many sports regarding the championship, division, and even season wins for major professional sports leagues is commonplace online.  The man at the end of the bar with pencil and pad in hand can not even have a real expectation to provide this type of fare.  That is why when there is no real consensus for one team to win the cup over the field, the rate of return for any bet could come in at +900 or over as it does for the NHL right now.

The Pack

Eight teams are tightly packed around each other in regards for returns.  For example, where else can you bet on the favorite and get a +900 return?  This is what the Penguins are offering right now to win the Cup and this is the lowest return of any in the field.  Washington comes in next with a hefty +1000 line for profit taking.  One that has tongues waging are the Montreal Canadiens at +3000.  They looked invulnerable early until they lost Price for the season in goal.  Having him healthy and +3000 might be worth your time right now.

Finally, a young team ready to make a leap like Edmonton is +7500 in the current market.  The key to the majority of recent years for the championship is to just make the playoffs.  Eight seeds commonly make deep runs so that final push for glory might not be beyond the Oilers.  Investigate these options and prepare to pounce on long term NHL profit by investing in NHL Stanley Cup Future options this summer.