NFL Schedule Week 2 : Bookends for Profit

Best bets abound in NFL Schedule Week 2 for ideal profit potential.  Wow what a great opening week to the regular season.  Glad to see everyone survive and hopefully flourish here at BookieStar.  Today we look at the bookends of the following week of action.  Thursday night football and the MNF finisher are saturated with potential to make us big bucks.  Let us find out what games these are and which side to wager right now.

NFL Schedule Week 2 : Jets at Buffalo

By accessing our all in one reference site at NFL Schedule Week X, we see that the Jets visit Buffalo to start things off.  Both teams are 0-1 and feeling the pressure from the surprise New England win at Arizona.  While the Bills offense sputtered, the Jets just gave the game away vs the Bengals.  Kicking miscues hurt them massively.  These same NYJ got to sack Andy Dalton seven times.  With the porous nature of the Buffalo offensive line, the spread went from +2 1/2 on the Jets to a pickem.  NY has all the momentum in this one compared to the Bills.  Bet the Jets to give the best chance at winning.

Carson Wentz Can Not Repeat

FCS qb plays out of his mind in his rookie debut for two touchdown tosses.  Disclaimer is that it came against the Browns.  Bears were respectible in a loss at Houston.  Here a -1 on Chicago is already at -3.  Notice a pattern with the sharps in these two games?  Their logic is spot on.  Bears will show that the Eagles quarterback has a ways to go at Solider Field.  Monday Night Football bet to win is the Bears minus the points to end the week in the right direction.

NFL Schedule Week 2 is a site that has all the games for each and every week in a pleasing format.  Easy to scan and ascertain the lay of the land at this site.  That is why we have it bookmarked in our browser.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at Bookie Star.