NFL 2016 is Almost Here

Excitement all of this nation as NFL 2016 is almost here.  Great to see everyone here again at Bookie Star.  Our bread and butter is almost on our dinner tables.  The reason we work hard all week.  NFL Sunday brings our favorite professional football teams to do battle 16 times.  For a lucky few franchises, every game is worthwhile.  Others see early eliminations and rebuilding years.  However when one wagers on the game, any game jumps up in meaning.  Find out how each week becomes oh so relevant when the pursuit for profit is placed into the equation.

NFL 2016 : Welcome LA

Rams opened up their LA experience at home and allowed Dallas to run in the opening kickoff 101 yards for a score.  The home team would eventually rally to beat the Cowboys 28-24 but the early struggles when the starters were in produced a bad omen.  Teams do not get to be in the position to draft prized rookies like Goff without many weaknesses.  Do not be worried because this is where the spread comes in.  Oddsmakers attempt to level the playing field by giving one team extra points to start the game.  With this boon, longshots have better chances of cashing.  Ten point losses that have most fans drowning their sorrows can still produce profit if we have that ticket with +11 in our pocket at game’s end.

How Do We See What the Market Offers?

Diners have menus in which customers see what can be ordered.  For quality sportsbooks like Americas Bookie, they have live lines.  Market prices on spreads and totals.  Clickable history to see which games are hot and what direction they are headed.  Your one stop source to see which games have the best chance to cash in your estimation.  One screen, all the games, and a universe of wagering options on Sunday does the Americas Bookie with their live lines offer their clients.

Good fortune in your preseason watching.  You can bet on the games right now.  Deposit at Americas Bookie.  Wager not only the NFL but all the major sports leagues all across the globe.  Good fortune in your ventures and we shall see you next time here at BookieStar.