Myth of the Summer Slow Down

While many consider football king, profit does not come to a stand still during the months before the season.  The myth of the Summer Slow Down was born out of a reluctance of some people to bet baseball.  They proclaimed it was too boring, pitcher intensive, or could not be beat.  Today here at BookieStar, we are going to address this and steer you to other waters of profit this season.  So let us get to the art of making money in June, July, and August.

Myth of Summer Slow Down : PPH Options

First way to debunk the myth of the summer slow down is to look at the extensive options of a PPH.  For those that do not know, PPH equates to Pay Per Head.  It is the Acronym that will more than keep you afloat during the summer. WIth a PPH, it gives the bookie not only a quality online presence but a vast array of wagering options unavailable to one on the stool.  A universe of wagering options in Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and contact sports are just a few items on a menu so vast that it sates the hunger of the sports bettor who is starving for action while biding his time until Autumn.

Impressive Interface

The secret is in the graphical interface.  Navigation is simple.  Organized presentation presents plenty of impulse options.  Not only that but wager types that you were loathe to embrace are a snap with the software.  Round robins, teasers, and parlays are calculated instantly.  Both bettor and bookie know the exact value.  No debate or exposure to math errors.  They can shop as long as they want and then bet any time day or night.  No longer do you have to shut off your cell phone to get that vital sleep or personal time.  This liberates time, eases the work, and delegates the grunt work to a system that makes no mistakes.

Pennies for dollars is the motto here.  Small fee from the PPH greatly increases both volume and the balance of vig on your action.  Not only more bets but less exposure to lopsided action that you have to lay off to others.  Master of your own domain.  Summer need not be slow again.  Sprortsbook, casino, and race track all in one.  Design the look, attach what lines you want to use, and reap the harvest of increased volume.  Get into a higher level of your bookmaking business by contacting a Pay Per Head like today.