More Volume with that Vital Vig from PPHs

Lamentations about having too much business are a matter of the past in the bookmaking business.  Whether through increases in the player pool or a Game Seven just around the corner, the slight increase in volume used to produce a great deal more work.  Now the pay per head offers the ability to handle the increased traffic.  With this comes an improved chance of balanced wagering which gives us that vital vig to flourish with.

Pay Per Head Wager Types

Wager types of every variety can now be handled with a minimum of effort.  Round robins and plump parlays used to have us crunching many numbers with more than a few chances of producing an error in the final tally.  This does not happen with a PPH.  Error free calculations eliminate the debate aspect of some pesky customers.  All of it is presented on the screen with them or you having the ability to print a receipt for their own record keeping.

Immense Range of Offerings

Expansion here comes on two fronts.  First, the options and props for the games you were offering in the past increases with a pay per head.  Now prospects on a person or a team can be bet on with the usual increase of vig for this style of wager.  Also, the selection with which they can choose has become so much more.  More sports and leagues from every corner of the globe.  Racebooks that not only have the major races but the daily action from coast to coast in America.  Casinos that give your players the ability to generate their own hot streak any time or night.  The ability to give them more of what they want retains customer loyalty and increases profits on your end.

Now is the time to make it easy on yourself and entertain all the profit that comes with increased volume.  Slick graphical interface that keeps customers trying out new bet types.  Wager types that used to be labor intensive are now calculated and collected on in mere moments.  Expansion into horse racing and the casino business with your customers.  Grow without the labor involved when you utilize a Pay Per Head with your book making business.