Local Bookie vs. Online Bookie – Pros and Cons


The battle between local and online bookies continues to rage on, although local bookies are definitely feeling the pinch in the last decade. However, some local bookmakers have utilized technology to their advantage.

Local sportsbooks are able to compete with online bookies, but only when they use the technology available to them. In today’s world, bettors want to be able to bet instantly without having to call in every bet.

PPH software makes it possible for even the smallest bookmakers to offer clients a website. Some PPH shops are capable of providing mobile betting features as well, ensuring bettors can wager anytime, anywhere.

Online Bookie Pros and Cons

There are a lot of great reasons to bet with an online bookmaker. First off, a lot of Internet bookies are licensed in respected jurisdictions around the world, although the licensing authorities often don’t help bettors.

Online bookmakers often have a much bigger client list, which in turns means more revenue, which allows the bookmaker to spend more money on offering the best technology and other features.

Want bonuses and daily promotions? There are countless bonuses and promotions to take advantage of when betting online. Local bookies may offer small promos to losing clientele, but nothing like online bookies.

The number of sports and wager types are often better online. Local bookies know there clientele and therefore don’t need to offer sports that won’t have enough betting turnover, but online bookies offer odds on everything.

There are better features from a bettors standpoint as well. The big online sportsbooks offer live streaming, allowing you to watch sports on your computer or mobile device, plus a lot of other features.

Local Bookies Pros and Cons

There are several pros with local bookies that one may not even consider. First off, if you’re betting with a local, you either know him or someone who introduced you to him. That relationship isn’t possible with online bookies.

Many bettors feel safer betting with a local rather than online. Despite it being 2016, some people still just don’t trust the Internet when it comes to commerce. With a local bookie, you deal in cash every week/month.

You’ll pay your bookie in cash and you’ll be paid in cash, so there’s no paper trail to worry about when it comes to tax time if you live in the USA. When betting online, there are a lot of payout complaints as well.

Generally if you stick with the reputable bookmakers, there’s never a problem, but you can avoid any payout problems by simply sticking with your local bookie who you likely have a friendly relationship with.

As a bettor, just make sure that your local is providing you with fair odds. You won’t get better odds than the best online bookmakers and that’s because your local would lose money.

However, make sure the betting lines, point spreads and over/under lines are comparable. Losing too much value will hurt your bottom line and the pros and a local bookie won’t outweigh this con.