Increase Your NHL Betting Volume With Pay Per Head

If you don’t increase your NHL betting volume in the New Year, you’re doing it wrong. This year’s NHL regular season feels like it came and went in a blink of an eye. The first full weekend of games in May will set the final 16-team field for this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Increase Your NHL Betting Volume Today

Some private bookies go all out when it comes to building a steady stream of weekly NHL betting action during the regular season. Some bookies choose to concentrate most of their effort on other US betting leagues such as the NBA and MLB.

When it comes to betting NHL games in the postseason, this is an excellent opportunity to build a much bigger NHL handle covering the next few months. Make the most of this year’s run to the Stanley Cup. Do it with the help of a top-rated pay per head bookie services site.

The “best of the best” in this industry combine the use of in-house sports betting experts with the best external oddsmaking services in the game. The end result is a steady supply of sharp betting lines and odds for a wide variety of NHL betting options.

Sharp Betting Lines & Variety

Most recreational bettors fully understand game spreads for sports such as football and basketball. The right pay per head service can help you present NHL money line odds. Even offer puck line betting options in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.

By actually marketing how to bet on hockey games to your entire sports betting base, you will automatically increase whatever NHL handle you currently take in without having to increase your active betting base. 

Increasing both handle and hold without increasing weekly PPH fees is the best way to also increase the bottom-line profit your bookie business brings in.

NHL Playoffs – Increase Your NHL Betting Volume

This year’s NHL playoff format creates more than a few interesting matchups on a regional basis.

You might see the Boston Bruins pitted against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the opening round. The Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights have been two of the best NHL teams all season long. There is a very good chance they will have to face one another in the second round of best-of-seven showdowns.

The North Division is filled with the league’s seven Canadian teams. This ensures that one team north of the border will be playing in this year’s semifinal round.

Pay Per Head Marketing Tools

It is still going to take some added effort on your part to get your betting base excited for the NHL postseason.

Yet, the right PPH site can set you up with all the online marketing tools you need. This includes an overall professional online presence for your bookie business.

You will also have the right software solutions to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks that always go to great lengths to attract bettors to their sites.

Customer Service & Personal Attention

The biggest edge against the commercial books is still the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail you can provide and they can never match. 

Through the use of individual online account profiles, you can easily manage betting and credit limits for each of your player base. 

Tools are in place for instant edits across an entire betting board based on real time betting analytics. The right pay per head bookie software takes all the guesswork out of the decision making process.