How To Become a Bookie

Have you ever wondered how to become a bookie? Or how bookies make money?

So, you have a love for sports but your athletic career has dwindled down to hitting eighth on your beer league softball team. Being the spot up three-point shooter on your high school’s junior varsity team was the epitome of your athletic greatness.

While you were never good enough to become a professional or even a college athlete, the love and burning desire you have for sports still lingers. There is a way you can scratch that itch and make money while you’re doing it.

Become a bookie.

It’s a lot easier than you think to break into the business.

Plus, taking bets will provide you with an adrenaline rush that you will remember well.

It’s the same one you experienced draining threes or driving in winning runs. Ultimately, you can stay involved in sports and make money doing something you love.

Things to Consider When Becoming a Bookie

To be a successful bookie, you need to be organized. You also need to be good with numbers and understand some things about risk. It’s also good to understand that the sports betting world rarely – if ever – stops. There is always something to bet on even on holidays.

How you go about your business will determine your reputation. Your reputation in the industry is crucial and you must do everything possible to maintain it if you want to succeed. 

You will have to become customer-focused as you grow your business. While growing, it is important to keep learning as well. The more you learn; the more your business will grow and the more successful you will become.

All of these considerations – being organized, being good with numbers, building a reputation, etc. – are things that you can manage much easier with some help.

Choose a Pay Per Head Service

If you’re looking at how to become a bookie, you need some help. That help comes in the form of a pay per head software provider. The days of the pen-and-paper bookie are gone. If you want to succeed and really make a living being a bookie, you need to choose a PPH service.

A quality pay per head company will provide you with a turnkey solution to run your business. It will take care of the organization for you. All of your daily wagers will be available to your players. Your player sheet will be neatly organized so you can review it at any time.

Your pay per head software will take care of the seemingly endless amount of paperwork that is associated with being a bookie. No longer do you have to worry about calculating winnings and losses. It’s all done for you.

Even collecting payments and paying players is done for you. PPH software comes with a payment processing system that handles everything from deposits to withdrawals.

What a really good pay per head service does is take all the mindless work of being a bookie away from you. Doing so allows bookies to do what they do best – grow their business. 

Bookies can work on adding players to their customer base. They can also work on analyzing how current customers bet. This way, bookies can work on ways of upselling these customers and, ultimately, make more money.


Start in Less Than an Hour

If you really, truly want to become a bookie, you can do so in less than 60 minutes.

The best pay per head providers offer the ability to complete an online registration and have your business up and running very quickly.

Maybe you are an existing bookmaker, and are not using a quality pay per head service. Are you a bookie that IS using a PPH shop, but don’t like the service they are providing? Switch your PPH service today, and start making your job easier and giving your players a larger betting menu.

The right price per head service will take care of all the dirty work, letting you build your business from the ground up. They will keep track of all the numbers, automatically changing lines, provide risk assessment and much, much more.

Pay Per Head – How to Become a Bookie

Many of the best PPH bookie software companies offer a free trial as well. Bookies have the opportunity to try out the software system for a period of time (usually at least two weeks) for free. This gives agents the opportunity to see how a system works.

Once you find the right pay per head provider, the benefits are almost endless. You will be able to offer a more comprehensive range of bets with sharp lines and odds. Your customers will have access to the betting board and their betting accounts 24/7 through your mobile app.

You will also be backed by a fully staffed – and experienced – customer service department that operates around the clock every day of the year. Bookies no longer have to field calls about a player’s account or a problem with a payment. All of those things are taken care of for the bookie by their PPH provider. 

Becoming a bookie has never been easier or faster. If you still love sports, still crave the action; become a bookie and make money doing what you love. If you don’t know, now you know how to become a bookie.