Get the Ultimate Bettor’s Edge With RDG Corp

Betting on sports goes back centuries, and RDG Corp has been there for 2 decades of them. If there was some kind of competition being played out, you were sure to find a separate group of people betting on the outcome.

The humble origins of today’s ultra-modern online sports betting industry can be traced back almost 30 years.

RDG Corp & the Offshore Sportsbook World

This is when the first offshore sportsbooks expanded the marketplace through the use of the internet. Online gaming technology and software has improved by leaps and bounds regularly.

Since 1996, RDG Corp has been a central figure in just about every aspect of sports betting and online gaming in general. They have helped revolutionize the pay per head industry.

Based in Costa Rica, this ownership group has remained dedicated to the cause through commercial online sportsbooks. Offering pay per head bookie software solutions and various other online gambling services.

Turnkey Sportsbook Solution

The company has grown from original industry pioneers to gaming technology innovators when it comes to practical business solutions.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey sportsbook solution. A bookie agent software packages or top-rated commercial betting sites to wager on the games. RDG Corp is your one-stop shop to gain the ultimate bettor’s edge across every facet of the industry.

For more than 25 years, RDG Corp has been the perfect combination of sports betting expertise and professional online gaming software solutions. The end result has produced a suite of gaming products that can help any industry entrepreneur capitalize. They offer an extremely lucrative business opportunity.

Become a Bookie With Help From RDG Corp

This starts with a private bookie agent looking to fully automate their operation while running and managing that business online. The ability to move an independent bookie business offshore opens up a world of possibilities as today’s sports betting industry continues to expand.

Other corporate solutions run the gambit from white label commercial sportsbooks to affiliate marketing opportunities with established commercial brands.

No customer is too small or too large to benefit from RDG Corp’s high level of industry experience and expertise. There are no customer-base minimums to take advantage of pay per head bookie services. Large-scale operations can benefit from financing options, risk management techniques and internal data processing through an advanced betting platform.

Motivated to Succeed

The starting point for any of your industry aspirations is the motivation to succeed. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. However, it also takes advanced gaming technology and highly sophisticated gaming software solutions to reach the financial goals. You have set them for yourself and your business.

RDG Corp can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the technical aspect of any online betting operation. The company has continually leveraged its industry standing while consistently investing in all the gaming products and services offered.

An in-house staff of professional technicians are tasked with improving, upgrading and adding innovative features to all forms of gaming software solutions.

Online Sports Betting

At the heart of this package is online sports betting. Yet, RDG Corp can help you run and manage a full-service gaming site with the addition of an online racebook.

This gives your horse betting clients more options. As well as an online casino equipped with Las Vegas-style digital and live-dealer games. You can even offer your own online poker room as one of the more recent software innovations.

The starting point for your future in online betting applications is an on-site contact form on the RDG Corp website. This could be the actual launching pad for a business opportunity you only ever dreamed about before.