Free Prizes Propel Sportbook Betting Experience

Free Prizes and other perks provide the sports bettor with not only additional equity but a place to hang their hats to call home.  Good Morning and welcome back to BookieStar.  Today, we examine methods to increase the satisfaction that people get from betting on the NFL.  We are talking about deriving meaning from any game on the schedule.  Most of us have had to dread those games in which a 1-3 vs an 0-4 is in our market.  With sports betting and free prizes, now every date on the schedule can be a banner day.  Let us look at how contests like the Last Man Standing get our pulses pounding at the end of our work weeks to revel in the NFL Sundays.

Free Prizes : Americas Bookie Last Man Standing Contest

Let us take for example the sportsbook America’s Bookie.  They have been around for a decade and provided a rock solid financial institution where people can wager, win, and get paid.  That is an important factor but how often does one get excited about doing business with places like a bank.  You know you get paid.  However where the solid becomes the extra ordinary is when they use imagination to propel the customer experience.  It creates a win-win situation in which loyalty is created and the customer is in the game most every week.  This is the basis for the appeal of free prizes like the Last Man Standing Contest.

$3k Reward System Twice

Here is how it operates.  Customers who invest and deposit $400 in their online accounts gain an entry into the contest.  It is possible to get up to three distinct entries with a deposit around $1k. Not only do you get the normal free play perks on that but the LMSC.  Here a player picks a team he thinks will win straight up regardless of spread.  Win and move on.  Your team loses and that entry is eliminated.  Last person standing walks away with the entire $3k prize.  There is even another contest that opens up at Week Five for those that stumble and fall early on.  All the details for the Americas Bookie Last Man Standing Contest is linked here.

This is just one of the ways to reward your play at the sportsbook.  Yes, rock solid payments provide a place to visit and wager.  Promotions, creativity, and superior customer service is where people call home to bet all season long.  Discover all the reasons why the discerning handicapper in the United States calls Americas Boookie home for NFL Betting every year.