Extensive Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews

Come August there is a definite need for Extensive Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews.  A place where not only you can hang your hat but glean valuable information on sports, wagering trends, and optimal shops to place bets at.  Good Afternoon and thank you for checking back in with us at BookieStar.  Today, we will let you in on one of the valuable resources that we use to make informed sports wagering decisions.  When our first cup of coffee in our hand, we head to the bookmarks section of the browser and go to Ask the Bookie.

Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews : US Market

Now is the time to get topped off in your sports betting accounts at your book.  Summer Games instills a patriotic feel to the money we collect on medal winners.  Soccer starts on Thursday with the host nation Brazil taking the field.  Combine all of this with baseball and CFL action and profit can start right now.  However, the main event is almost here.  NFL betting begins with the Hall of Fame Game on this Sunday, August 7th.

Need for NFL Betting House : Americas Bookie

In the reviews, Americas Bookie is spoken of very highly.  We verified their research and came to the same conclusion based on the following criteria.

  • Established and consistent payout history
  • Over a decade of being in business
  • Plentiful Promotions
  • Extensive wagering offerings
  • Quick and responsive customer service

All of the facets that allow a sportsbook to shine bright when pitted against their peers.  We want good lines, time to think about them, and the assurance that the money is ours when we submit a payout request.  We have to worry about the results on the field but not in the aftermath of collecting our due profits at Americas Bookie.

So sit back and enjoy the Summer Games.  Hall of fame with Green Bay and Indy this Sunday the 7th.  Learn how to get into two $3,000 Last Man Standing contests right now.  All of this value right now for your fall NFL wagering.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Football.