College Football Opening Weekend Greatest Ever?

Hard to quantify if it is the greatest ever but the 2016 College Football opening weekend is providing some great entertainment and profit potential.  Welcome back everyone to BookieStar this Labor Day Weekend.  Already in the afternoon we have had some key upsets with many hours and in fact days of betting in the opening weekend.  Let us look at whom did well and whose balloon is already deflated for the season.

College Football Opening Weekend: Arrival of Houston

One loss Houston last year arrived for their opener verses Oklahoma as a possible contender outside the Power 5 for playoff consideration.  Oddsmakers had them at +9 on the Cougars and the betting public ran with it getting Oklahoma to -13 in some markets like Americas Bookie.  Well when you have a once in a decade type play like the following, the momentum of Houston was too much to overcome.

Thanks to Curtis88 for posting this on Youtube.

With the 33-23 win, the money Houston bettors were dancing in the street with their +425 payout on their faith in the Cougars.

Ritual Sacrifices

Ohio State and Michigan seem to be in an arms race for the Big Ten title.  Escalations are already in progress in the non con portion of their schedules.

  • Ohio State pastes a 77-10 win over Bowling Green
  • Michigan showed some mercy in the 4th and slowed up to only win 63-3

Brand name schools that could run the tables to meet each other late in the season.  OSU has to contend with a wounded Sooners squad in two weeks.  Big Ten did suffer a name brand setback with Western Michigan nicking Northwestern 22-21 early on.

We have not even gotten to the later games.  Alabama vs USC Saturday night.  Fighting Irish visit Texas on Sunday Night.  Labor Day ends with Ole Miss visiting the Seminoles of Florida State.  Hard to say if this is the greatest start ever but even us bettors with multiple screens to watch were hard pressed to keep up this weekend.  Good fortune in your wagering ventures and we will see you next time here at Bookie Star.