Breaking the Bookie – How sharp Players Do it

Betting football should be a moneymaker this year. Are you tired of beating your head against the wall every single season and walking away on the losing end? Stop the madness. There are tricks to this trade and every football better out there needs to know them.

Betting on football is a $50 billion industry in the US. Gamblers spend a boat load of money. How much of the $50 billion are you seeing in returns to your bank account? Las Vegas has set the standard for high flying sports bookies, and with hundreds of offshore sports books, the gambler is never at a loss for options.

The average gambler sees a return of somewhere in the 45% mark. According to sports writer and bestselling author Michael Konik, most players will pick around 50% (win 50% of the time). Now, when you add juice to this equation, this adds up as a loss. To beat the juice, a player should be winning close to 52-53% of the time.

Are you winning at least 55% of the time?

If not, listen up. Here are some great tips in your pursuit of finally beating the bookie and banking some big money.

  • The number one rule in sports gambling that must never be broken-have a budget, set a budget going into this season. If you don’t; your dead! Do not go over your budget. No matter what, this is not a fast and lose rule. Going over budget leads to the poor house and very quickly. Setting a budget means never playing scared money. You know how much you earn and you know how much you can spend on your hobby; sports gambling.
  • Never ever, under any circumstance, chase bad bets. We all make bad bets, it happens to everyone at some point, even sharp players. If everyone made great bets; Vegas would cease to exist. Stop chasing bad bets. It will kill your bank roll and for sure put you over budget. Chasing one bad bet leads to chasing another and yet another. Don’t do it. Walk away, regroup and come back another day. Keep yourself in the season.
  • Have more than one sports book in your portfolio. Ever sharp player and every smart gambler knows this. Leave your options open. Shop around, get the best lines available.
  • Bet on football games that have value. Stop spending money on Dallas simply because they are on TV, or USC.
  • Stop betting like a rookie. Rookies bet on their favorite teams. The city they grew up in or moved to as a kid or where they went to college. Stop it right now! This will break you and break you quick. Stop betting on a hunch or a gut feeling.


If you want to beat the bookie this year you had better do your research and know the teams that you will be betting on. Gambling is an investment and you don’t want to throw your money away. You probably have neither the time, energy, or the patience, to do the proper research that it will take to gain the knowledge needed to kill it this year.

Hire someone that does. It’s that simple. Hire a professional that picks football games for a living. They consistently win. They will consistently help you win if you listen to them. They live for football, it’s what they know.

It’s your year if you want it to be or you can finish another season winning about 45% 0f the time. The choice is yours. Have fun and good luck.