Bookies Thrive When Using a Top-Rated PPH Service

Whether you’re a veteran bookie or just starting out, the key to a thriving business is using a top-rated pph service. The old adage “you get what you pay for” fits in the pay per head industry just as it does in others.

If you aren’t experiencing the kind of success you want, you should be using a top-rated PPH service such as RDG Corp or 247PPH. Here’s why.


PPH Features When Using a Top-Rated PPH Service

When you partner with a reputable pay per head company like RDG Corp, you gain access to a variety of features that will help your operation thrive in today’s competitive betting world. 

There are dozens of features and you should find a PPH service that can give you the option of choosing them all. The first is a huge betting board. When operating a bookie business on your own, you are limited in the number of sports. In turn, there are only a certain number of bets you can offer to your players.

That is not the case with a top quality pay per head. Your board can be full with all sports and a wide variety of bets including futures and props. Players like choices and if you don’t have it they will go somewhere else in search of it.

Other features include a fully functional and optimized website, live betting, 24/7 customer support, and more. The best in the PPH industry will provide you with multiple features and options to give you the best possible chance at success.

Grow Your Business

Ultimately, you want a pay per head service that will allow for the growth of your sportsbook operation. RDG Corp has been in the PPH industry since it began in the 1990s. Being at the forefront of the industry has allowed the company to understand what bookies need and want. 

RDG Corp offers a turnkey solution that you can simply plug into to let it run your business. The savings in time handling all sorts of administrative work can then be transferred into marketing the business. You can go out and capture new players. Now, are you even marketing your bookie business?

Bookies can find options around $10 per head – 247PPH offers plans $10 or less – that provide them with safe, reliable pay per head services. Bookies are provided everything from player management and payment systems to around-the-clock customer service and sharp lines. This all for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.

In the end, the key is that bookies are freed from the menial administrative duties of the past. This helps them go out and recruit more players to their sportsbook.

Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

If you’re not in business to make money, you’re doing something wrong. If you want to make money as a bookie, you have to start by using a top-rated pph service. You must ensure that your pay per head is working for you!

Both RDG Corp and 247PPH have been in the industry a long time.They are the GM, the AT&T, or the Sony of the pay per head industry. Well respected, knowledgeable, and priced right; these PPH providers make it extremely easy to get set up and they take care of their customers.

If you want a sportsbook that will thrive and make money in the future, find the right top-rated PPH service today.