Bet Tennis to Pluck the Strings of Profit

Unique surfaces are just one of the facets to Bet Tennis for an advantage against the sportsbooks.  Happy Monday as we leave the grass court season by Wimbledon concluding on Sunday.  Serena got her 22nd slam title while Andy Murray with Ivan Lendl in his corner captured the men’s title.  Now we start the hard court

Bet Baseball to Bolster Bottom Lines

Bet baseball is the mantra that every bookie should be gravitating to during the summer.  Some of our brethren take July off to catch their breath for the football season.  This attitude has caused more than one of our kind to miss out not only on volume during the MLB action but increasing their client

Myth of the Summer Slow Down

While many consider football king, profit does not come to a stand still during the months before the season.  The myth of the Summer Slow Down was born out of a reluctance of some people to bet baseball.  They proclaimed it was too boring, pitcher intensive, or could not be beat.  Today here at BookieStar,

More Volume with that Vital Vig from PPHs

Lamentations about having too much business are a matter of the past in the bookmaking business.  Whether through increases in the player pool or a Game Seven just around the corner, the slight increase in volume used to produce a great deal more work.  Now the pay per head offers the ability to handle the

Federal trial resumes against sports bettor Billy Walters

[featured-img] To bookies and bettors alike both offshore and in Las Vegas, there must be one eye kept on New York City once the insider trading federal trial resumes against Billy Walters. What, exactly, will it mean to those who are betting college and pro football games once September rolls around? Tough to say. Walters

Betting Futures and Props with Your Pay Per Head Service

[featured-img] Every independent sports bookmaker knows that football and basketball season build their company’s bottom line, but it is very important to the long-term success of any bookmaking business to develop as much diversity as possible. The more betting lines you are willing to put on your board for your entire customer base will help

Finding a Quality Online Race and Sportsbook

Now you can have profit to spend as you smile to the bank when you wager with America’s Bookie on the marque events that define every season. For over ten years, America’s Bookie online sportsbook has been the rock solid option for those that handicap sports. All the major leagues in America have numerous lines

When did bookmaking get so labor intensive

[featured-img] When did bookmaking get so labor intensive? The pursuit of profit from fielding wagers was enjoyable. We had even had time to spend our earnings. Now sports wagering is exploding. Our customers are demanding to place bets on events from every corner of the globe. Changing lines, a constant stream of phone calls, and

Local Bookie vs. Online Bookie – Pros and Cons

[featured-img] The battle between local and online bookies continues to rage on, although local bookies are definitely feeling the pinch in the last decade. However, some local bookmakers have utilized technology to their advantage. Local sportsbooks are able to compete with online bookies, but only when they use the technology available to them. In today’s

How to Bet on Sports

[featured-img] There are a lot of ways to bet on a sporting event and the types of betting markets available vary by sport. In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the most common ways to bet on sports. Betting on a Team/Player to Win The “money line” is a bet where you

Tips on Becoming a Successful Bookmaker

[featured-img] In today’s industry, it doesn’t take long to have a bookmaking company running within days or even less if you have everything prepared. We’ll teach you how to become a bookie by the end of this article. Bookie Software (Pay-Per-Head Services) You need the infrastructure prepared before anything else, which is where pay-per-head (PPH)

What is a Bookmaker?

[featured-img] If you have to fly somewhere you book a flight and if you are staying overnight on that trip you will probably have to book a room. For anyone that loves to wager money on sports, they have to book a bet. Very simply, the person taking that bet is known as a bookmaker.