Breaking the Bookie – How sharp Players Do it

Betting football should be a moneymaker this year. Are you tired of beating your head against the wall every single season and walking away on the losing end? Stop the madness. There are tricks to this trade and every football better out there needs to know them. Betting on football is a $50 billion industry

Making Pay Per Head Player Reports Work for You

Running your own independent sports bookmaking business can offer any number of challenges given the unpredictable nature of the Internet sports betting industry so having the right Pay Per Head service by your side can make all the difference in the world. Modern technology has been able to level the playing field between the private

Bet World Cup of Hockey and Other Events

Sometimes ideas like to Bet World Cup of Hockey do not appear on our radar until we take a deeper look at them.  Merry Monday and it is awesome to see everyone back here again at BookieStar.  Today we are in the midst of this entertaining hockey event.  Endorsed by the NHL, this trumps the

NFL Schedule Week 2 : Bookends for Profit

Best bets abound in NFL Schedule Week 2 for ideal profit potential.  Wow what a great opening week to the regular season.  Glad to see everyone survive and hopefully flourish here at BookieStar.  Today we look at the bookends of the following week of action.  Thursday night football and the MNF finisher are saturated with

Reviewing Best Bets for Progress as a Sports Handicapper

One of the best ways to make progress as a sports handicapper is by Reviewing Best Bets.  Great to see one and all on this Labor Day.  Today, we are looking at the growth one can make as a bettor.  Not the bottom line but in making better decisions. Now history can not be relived

College Football Opening Weekend Greatest Ever?

Hard to quantify if it is the greatest ever but the 2016 College Football opening weekend is providing some great entertainment and profit potential.  Welcome back everyone to BookieStar this Labor Day Weekend.  Already in the afternoon we have had some key upsets with many hours and in fact days of betting in the opening

2016 College Basketball : Dismiss Depth?

Recognizing trends for the upcoming 2016 College Basketball season could allow the sports investor to reap profit right from the start.  Great to see everyone back together again at Bookie Star.  Today, we are going to cover an antiquated theme for college basketball.  Is depth really that necessary to get the program you follow to

NFL 2016 is Almost Here

Excitement all of this nation as NFL 2016 is almost here.  Great to see everyone here again at Bookie Star.  Our bread and butter is almost on our dinner tables.  The reason we work hard all week.  NFL Sunday brings our favorite professional football teams to do battle 16 times.  For a lucky few franchises,

Profit on 2016 College Football : Big Ten

Not only betting but to profit on 2016 College Football is the goal of many fans all over the United States.  Welcome back everyone to Bookiestar.  Today, the Big Ten is set firmly in our sights.  A Power Five Conference with not only intrigue but some very polarizing situations.  Non conference games are the main

Extensive Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews

Come August there is a definite need for Extensive Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews.  A place where not only you can hang your hat but glean valuable information on sports, wagering trends, and optimal shops to place bets at.  Good Afternoon and thank you for checking back in with us at BookieStar.  Today, we will let

Free Prizes Propel Sportbook Betting Experience

Free Prizes and other perks provide the sports bettor with not only additional equity but a place to hang their hats to call home.  Good Morning and welcome back to BookieStar.  Today, we examine methods to increase the satisfaction that people get from betting on the NFL.  We are talking about deriving meaning from any

NHL Stanley Cup Futures

Summer has not taken the sizzle out of NHL Stanley Cup Futures.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking back in with BookieStar.  Even though a dome of heat has descended on many parts of the United States, what helps us keep our cool is the thought of sports investment profit.  One of the types