Who Are the New Up-and-Coming US Sportsbooks as Regulation Continues to Rollout Now?

As the legislation rolls out for the legalization of sports betting in the US, knowing the right sportsbooks you can join is essential. If you love sports, then this is the right time for you to start.  However, before you do, we recommend checking out a guide to sports betting. Plenty of guides out there

Are Pay Per Head Services Legit

Pay per head services are legit, and will change a bookie’s life. Key Points – Pay per head services have helped to grow the worldwide sports betting industry. – Legit pay per head services typically offer a free trial of their products. Legitimacy of Sportsbook Software The wheel. Sliced bread. Pay per head services. They

Use the Right Bookie Service to Build Handle and Hold

The right bookie service will change any bookmaker’s life. Building Your Weekly Betting Handle As a private bookie, you need a certain level of weekly action tied to a high enough hold percentage to reach the monthly financial goals you have set for your business. One without the other will result in a smaller bottom

Expand Bookie Revenue Streams With PPH Software

You can expand bookie revenue streams with one easy step. Expand Bookie Revenue Streams Spring leading into summer is the most diverse time of the year for private bookmakers. The NBA remains a big draw to build your weekly handle. However, there are any number of other sports betting options that can help the cause.

Making the Most of Your Weekly Pay Per Head Fees

Your pay per head fees are well worth the price. Get the most out of them. Become a Bookie Today The cost of entry into the sports betting industry as a private bookie is rather minimal. You need limited equipment and enough startup capital to cover the early weekly action you plan to take in.

Build a Profitable Bookie Business with PPH

It’s never been easier to build a profitable bookie business. Keys to Success While the demand for private bookie agents remains high. The success rate for running and managing your own bookie business is varied across the board. Success in any business venture is tied to three simple aspects. First is proper planning. Second is

Stick to the Basics When Choosing a Pay Per Head Site

It’s best to stick to the basics when looking for a sportsbook software service. Choosing Your Pay Per Head Site The only way to run and manage a viable sports bookie business these days is with the help of a qualified pay per head bookie solutions provider. The pay per head business model provides everything

Are You Making the Most of Your PPH Site?

Making the most of your PPH site is made easy with the right service. Making the Most of Your PPH Service Sports bettors are always looking to maximize the value in the betting odds when placing a real money wager. This is the best way to also maximize a return on investment. Maybe you are

Using a Bookie Software Directory

Find the best pay per head service with a bookie software directory. What is Bookie Software? The demand for private sports bookmaking services continues to increase. With more and more sports fans looking to wager on their favorite teams, the betting industry is exploding. The pay per head bookie industry was formed close to three

Expanded Online Gaming Options With Pay Per Head

Expanded online gaming options are a must to stay competitive. Use a quality pay per head service. Expanded Online Gaming Options Sports betting is big business these days but it is not the only game in town. Mirroring the winning formula that Las Vegas land-based casinos have employed for decades. Today’s highest rated pay per

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Software Innovations

In the past decade, betting software innovations would blow you away. You can thank the pay per head industry for that. Betting Software Innovations The entire sports betting industry has been evolving at an expanded pace over the past few years. Advanced gaming technology along with highly sophisticated gaming software solutions have been the driving

Pay Per Head Offers Automated Player Settlement

Automated player settlement can take a lot of stress from your bookmaking business. Automated Player Settlement As a private bookie agent, you make most of your money on the hold percentage generated from the betting handle taken in. Your hold is the difference between the money you need to pay out on winning bets and