Betting Futures and Props with Your Pay Per Head Service

Every independent sports bookmaker knows that football and basketball season build their company’s bottom line, but it is very important to the long-term success of any bookmaking business to develop as much diversity as possible. The more betting lines you are willing to put on your board for your entire customer base will help build that year-round action that can keep cash flow positive through the slower times of the year. A perfect example of this would be betting lines for futures and props for special betting events.

Early April may mark the end of a long betting run with college basketball, but it also serves-up a great betting opportunity for professional golf with the start of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Course. Even non-golfing fans are familiar with one of the biggest golf events of the year and there are plenty of different ways to bet on this four-round tournament. As a private bookie working with your Pay Per Head services, it is well worth your while to seek out as many futures and prop bet odds as possible.

Betting on golf is a totally emotional decision and most bettors will do very little handicapping of the actual tournament when it comes to placing wagers. Straight-up bets on an outright winner are great money makers given just how hard it is to pick a single golfer to win. You can also clean-up on different player props such as a Top 5 finish or even Top 10 finish. There are also a number of different prop bet opportunities when it comes to head-to-head matchups. The odds for the majority of these futures and props are in the bookmaker’s favor so it is up to you to work with your PPH provider to expand your betting board for special events like to Masters as wide as possible.

One of the best strategies to building a solid stream of revenue from one of golf’s Majors is diversity with betting limits. You do not want to find yourself in a position where a few of your heavy hitters are going big on one or two hand-picked props. The potential for some unwanted negative exposure becomes too high. You want to promote betting events like the Masters across your entire customer base or even use it as a marketing tool to bring in some new betting customers. The more you spread-out the action, the more you stand to make.

It makes perfect sense to also put some wager limits in place for special events such as this. The ideal strategy is a wide array of small bets all across the board. You need to have a Pay Per Head service that allows you the flexibility to move your betting lines and change your offerings so you can properly react to the action coming in. You can add and drop different props as necessary and given that there are four rounds of action, you can readjust your betting board all four days of the tournament.

If you are fairly new to offering futures and props for special betting events such as this, then you might want to limit your board to the basics, but do not stand on the sidelines altogether for these once a year money-making opportunities. You never want to give any of your betting customers a reason to go someplace else to book a bet given the risk that they might not come back to your bookmaking service. Work with your Pay Per Head provider to come up with the betting options that work best for you.