Become a Star Bookie with a PPH Service

The world of sports betting has changed dramatically over the last few years. One thing that has become apparent, is every bookie needs a PPH service. Nevada no longer has a monopoly on legal wagering on sports, and the practice has hit the mainstream. What was once a taboo practice is now viewed as acceptable, even fashionable.

Sports leagues once frowned upon any mention of gambling in association with their activities. Now they’re partnering with sportsbook operators and publicizing betting lines and odds of their games.

Over 20 states have legalized sports betting within their borders and are collecting tax revenue from the sportsbook operators.

Online sports wagering is all the rage, including live in-game betting. Even the PGA Tour, along with NBC Sports, has formed a partnership with PointsBet.

DraftKings and FanDuel have expanded their original fantasy sports footprint into full-blown sportsbooks offered in many states.

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Impact On Local Sportsbooks

What does all of this mean for traditional local sports betting agents, or what are better known as bookies? It creates both challenges and opportunities as betting on sports becomes increasingly acceptable. More people are looking for ways to bet, but they also have more places to look.

While legal sports wagering is no longer limited to Nevada, there are still almost 30 states that have yet to adopt it. The technology exists for many gamblers to be able to view odds and lines on state-of-the-art websites. They may not be able to place a wager, but their expectation is to do so online.

So the opportunity is that demand is being created, but the challenge is to effectively compete with available technology. A solution exists for local sports betting agents that makes them look like a major operator.

The only real option is for them to utilize a Pay Per Head (PPH) service model. Using one will show you how bookies make money.

Benefits of a PPH Service

A PPH service provides a local bookie with the same type of online sportsbook offered by Caesars Entertainment. It gives a sports betting agent instant credibility with their clients as well as making their business more efficient.

Without investing in developing their own website, they get the benefits of state-of-the-art technology.

With a couple of clicks, their clients are able to see lines and odds for every major sport. Professional and college football and basketball, NHL, Major League Baseball, golf, MMA/UFC, soccer and others are available to bet.

Futures, spreads, moneyline, over/under, parlays and propositions are the types of wagers their clients have available. While opening lines are usually provided by the PPH sportsbook, the bookie has total control over what their clients see.

They can adjust lines, control the wagers that are shown, and put limits on betting amounts. The right PPH service will take care of all the numbers. You won’t have to touch the books. Let a pay per head service maintain a balanced betting board for you.

The most important aspect of the PPH model is that it puts the bookie on par with the big boys. Their clients get the best of both worlds: a great online sportsbook and personalized service.

The bookie gets to spend more time on business development and running their business instead of answering texts.

The clients will appreciate the terrific wagering experience, and the bookie will benefit from the data provided. There is no better option for local bookies than a PPH service.