Are Pay Per Head Services Legit

Pay per head services are legit, and will change a bookie’s life.

Key Points

– Pay per head services have helped to grow the worldwide sports betting industry.

– Legit pay per head services typically offer a free trial of their products.

Legitimacy of Sportsbook Software

The wheel. Sliced bread. Pay per head services.

They have all transformed life as we know it. Pay per head services, of course, have transformed the sportsbook industry. Sports betting has increased in popularity over the past decade tremendously.

That rise has created a demand for more sportsbooks and has opened the door for aspiring bookies. The right bookie service will turn your private bookmaking business around in a hurry!

Pay per head services have really ushered in a new era in bookie business. The question is “are pay per head services legit?”

In short, yes. We explain why over the next several paragraphs.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head services provide turnkey sportsbook solutions for bookies. The software they provide gives a bookie the ability to run an entire sportsbook operation from his smart device. In return, the bookie pays a fee. That fee is per head or per person.

For example, a bookie has 25 bettors on his player sheet. Twenty of those bettors place at least one bet during a given week. The pay per head service would charge a flat fee per active bettor. The industry standard is $10 per head and in this case the PPH would charge $10 x 20 or $200.

The Website – Your Choice

Today’s modern bettor accesses his betting account via a smartphone or other smart device. The average bookie isn’t a webmaster, so a pay per head service designs the perfect website for bookies to run their sportsbook.

It includes all the bells and whistles allowing bettors to access their accounts and take care of all of their betting business. Pay per head providers are big on security as well as uptime. Customers are trusting their sportsbook to keep their personal and financial information safe. Customers also want a sportsbook that is always up and running.

With a quality price per head shop, you can easily expand bookie revenue streams. You can start offering players options that even the largest commercial sportsbooks have.

Betting Options with Pay Per Head

Yes, pay per head companies provide a website. Included as part of the website is the betting board that customers can access. The board will be full of options in all the major sports as well as those not so popular. Props bets, specials, and more are available.

A bookie will have the ability to offer current customers a full array of wagers across a wide variety of sports. New customers will be attracted to the wide variety of betting options. Is it legit? The sports betting industry is taking off with a huge number of new bookies entering the industry on a daily basis.

Customer Service

Of all the things a pay per head offers to a bookie, the customer service portion of it might be the most important. Are pay per head services legit? One hundred percent and their customer service departments are one of the reasons why bookies are taking advantage of the PPH market right now.

A bookie receives, as part of his service, a fully staffed customer service department. When the phone rings at all hours of the day and night, it is answered by a member of this customer service team. These are fully trained, highly experienced customer service agents who understand the betting industry.

Instead of a bookie fielding calls about a deposit or a certain bet, the customer service department fields the call and takes care of the issue. This one item saves the typical bookie thousands and thousands of hours of time.

Demo Accounts & Free Pay Per Head Trials

When you begin looking for the best pay per head to suit your needs, keep in mind that the legitimate PPH services – the best in the industry – will offer some sort of trial period. Many of the best services in the industry have demo accounts that prospective bookies can use to get a feel for the product.

Many of the industry’s most well-known pay per head services offer a free trial. The PPH sets up your whole operation. You then run the business using the product for a period that usually lasts two to four weeks. There is no charge, and the bookie gets a real feel for how the pay per head will run the sportsbook. 

If a certain pay per head service doesn’t offer a demo account and doesn’t offer a free trial, that may be a red flag. The best in the business want the opportunity to earn your business. They have enough confidence in their products that they offer a free trial for a short period of time.

There are thousands of new sportsbooks in the market. They are the result of improvements in the pay per head industry. Are these services legit? Absolutely. That’s why the sports betting market continues to grow.