2016 College Basketball : Dismiss Depth?

Recognizing trends for the upcoming 2016 College Basketball season could allow the sports investor to reap profit right from the start.  Great to see everyone back together again at Bookie Star.  Today, we are going to cover an antiquated theme for college basketball.  Is depth really that necessary to get the program you follow to the promised land?  Big non con wins, conference championships, and a deep run in a post season tournament are the goals of almost every program.  Let us see if one can hitch their wagon to just a star or two and reap rewards for their prolonged ride in 2016?

2016 College Basketball : How to Combat Star Power

Most teams that are facing an opponent superior in talent or firepower resort to almost the dog and pony show of college basketball.  Most rely on aspects like oustanding three point shooting or pressure defenses to create imbalances.  Almost to morph the game into some hybrid where traditional talent does not come through.  This is where the armada of three star talent recruits used to come in.  This why the Colorado State, Boise State, and all the other up and coming mid majors used to make their mark.  It allowed them to compete very well but the recipe for that is changing in modern basketball.

Why this Change in 2016?

Over the past and future months, Bookie Star is presenting a series of pieces on the upcoming trends in sports.  College football we spent looking at the Big Ten for profit. Some cases are specific and others like this go more into general theory of the sport.  The problem is that there is no blueprint in creating depth.  More importantly is that one failure in a three star recruit can dispel the competitive nature of a team much more than the depth of the star laden team.

This has been seen even more as of late with the final four.  Only Notre Dame could be considered an outsider and based on their name, they can get whom they wanted.  Nova had those stars whose wagons where hitched onto offensively.  Kansas and North Carolina are impervious to all but the hottest of shooting teams.  The ways to imbalance a game are decreasing as top tier coaches at big schools are busting the superior depth notion of the mid majors.  Good fortune in your sports wagering and go for the teams with two established stars that are sophomore level or beyond this season.